2D | Jalan Kayu Research III

After doing the site research of Jalan Kayu and both of its ends – Seletar and Seletar West Farmway, I’ll have to do some background research isn’t it!

Here are my notes that I’ve written down with all the secondary information I could find. 

After doing so much research, I guess that what I’m more inclined and interested in would be the heritage of Jalan Kayu as I felt even though it’s a street that runs for about 1.2km, it has such a rich history and has gone through many things from the past. However, as our world is evolving, the old is becoming obsolete while the modern is slowly taking over. I feel that it is important that we, preserve our heritage and our traditions as this is our identity. If we don’t do it, who else will? 

I felt that talking about the heritage is quite a serious and heavy topic. Thus, I’ll most likely approach this matter in a light-hearted way, to give a fun, yet able to deliver my message of preservation. One of the ideas would be touching on the kampong part of Singapore – however this idea is still in the midst of developing. So, stay tune!


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