2D | Jalan Kayu Site Research II

So it’s Day 2 of Jalan Kayu site research! This time round, I went to the other end of Jalan Kayu, which is the Seletar West Farmway, the agriculture area were once held all the pig farms, but now all that’s left are simply abandoned lands, fish farms, a mushroom farm and an animal resort.

The weather wasn’t really siding me that day, thus it was pouringggg and I only managed to get a few shots with my usual partner in crime – my Dad, holding an umbrella above my head while I shot some of my pics. Thanks Dad! Heh.

I didn’t take much pictures of the route to the farmway. But it’s simply more trees and gravel roads. Everything just has a country, rural, rustic feel to it, as if I’m stepping back into the old kampong of Singapore. Here are some pictures I found on the net that shows some parts of Seletar West Farmway!


And here it is! The Animal Resort, which is known as the “kampong zoo”. However, this place opened in the 2000s, so it’s not really old. This place is really cool! There’s like random animals roaming around and best part of this place is, you don’t have to pay any entrance fee at all! You’ll just have to pay for the food to feed the animals. 

Random “turkeys(?)” roaming around

Next, moving on to the fish farm area! As you can see, there’s still those old lamp post with cables hanging around that are still standing. It’s decades old!!!

Here we are at Sea View Aquarium. Apparently there are quite a number of peeps here even though the place is REALLY inaccessible. I did some research and it seems that the fishes are really cheap, as compared to other fish farms. Is $2 per fish cheap though? 

All in all, I felt that even though in the modern society, Jalan Kayu still has the kampong part of it, which I really appreciate. It is something that you’ll hardly see now adays in society that keeps building and demolishing the old. The rural, rustic country side of Singapore, I hope it remains forever. 

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