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There are many different species of frogs across the world, some of which are deadly and poisonous and some of which are harmless to humans.  We the humans, are also “poisonous” and “harmful” to frogs as well isn’t it? Lets see whoever has eaten frog leg porridge or any of a frog dish… raise your hand. (well i eat them too) 

But anyways! Frogs, as you all know, are classified as amphibians, while we are classified as mammals. Though we are of different classifications, it’s surprising how frogs and humans bear much in common in terms of anatomy and bodily functions.

First, lets talk about organs. As you can see from the anatomy below, both humans and frogs have many of the same organs. For example, lungs, stomach, heart, brain, liver, small & large intestine etc etc. 


Another interesting similarity I found was about the skeleton structure. Even though frogs don’t look much like people on the outside, their skeletons are similar to our skeletons as well! How cool is that? As you can see from the diagram below, the frog’s legs are just like our arms and legs! Frogs have bones to support it’s upper leg and for their lower leg, just like our skeletal structure.  A frog also has two shoulder blades, and clavicles, or what we called – collarbones, that are shaped a lot like the same bones in a person’s body.


Last but not least, since this project is about Sound. We can’t forget to talk about the frogs ear right? Surprisingly, there’s also quite a number of similarities between frogs and humans ears.

So, let me introduce -the tympanum, which is an external hearing structure found in animals, such as frogs, toads, insects and mammals (which is us). And wow, honestly I didn’t know this until I went to read all about it! 

A frog’s ear drum works in very much the same way that our human ear drums work. It’s just like a human’s ear drum, a membrane that is stretched across a ring of cartilage like a snare drum that vibrates.



Fun fact time! Do you know, the tympanum, may also be used to determine the sex of certain frog species. For example, in male bullfrogs, the tympanum is larger than the eye. In contrast, a female bullfrog’s tympanum is about the same size as its eyes. 


Sorry guys for the frog pictures. Lets end this post with a cute “hybrid” frog alright!! 



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