Mind Your Gap – Ideation

Synonyms of Interstice are space, gap, interval etc. From my understanding, Interstice means an insignificant gap between two objects. Hence I relate it to the gaps between two cars. 


As a newbie driver, I often experience driver tailgating me or stopping their car closely to mine. And as a newbie driver, I tend to stick to the rules that was thought which is to keep a safe distance when driving or stopping.

Title: Mind your gap

Hence I wanted to put this experience of mine into a game. Where player will wear a glove which controls the movement/speed of the car. There will only be one player at a time. The scenario of this game will be at a traffic light junction, the red light is on, and there are vehicles stopping at the stop line.  

Ideation sketch

Player objective is to stop within a safe distance with the vehicle in front of it. They will wear a glove which has sensor that connect to the player’s car. This is to allow them to control the speed of the car. Players will get to choose their lanes and after one player have finish their turn, the next player gets to play. 

To measure the safe distance, there will be beeping sound. The nearer the player’s car is to the vehicle, the beeping sound will be louder and faster. So there will be sensor under the ‘road’ to track the how close is the player’s car to the vehicle in front of it. 

Reference: https://www.hackster.io/the-tactigon-team/arduino-powered-robot-controlled-with-the-tactigon-6af037

My initial idea was something to do with blinking, because blinking is consider an insignificant gap for our eyes to rest. Blinking is an involuntary action which I’m interested about. However blinking can also be considered as voluntary action, when we decide to control it. Hence, here is a rough sketch of my initial idea that I’m going to discard it away :( 


The word that I received was Cantilever. At first, I didn’t know the meaning of cantilever, so I had to googled it.

Definition of Cantilever: a long projecting beam or grinder fixed at only one end, used in bridge construction.

So my visualisation about cantilever is mostly about a pole supporting something, or connecting two poles similarly to a bridge. Since we are subjected to use 3 boxes for each sculptor (I don’t know how to call it), I focused on the a single pole supporting something.

First try to express cantilever using boxes

From my understanding about cantilever, this is my first try. During this try, I was still unsure about the meaning of cantilever. Hence this is what I came up with my lack of knowledge about cantilever.

Feedback given about my first box:

1.  Item seems too long

2. Try to make SO more obvious

The first box refinement was done at home, I just removed a box and add in SO. The meaning behind it is still the same – direct and simplified meaning of cantilever.

After much exploration and experimenting, I wanted to come up with something that has more dimension using the rule of third. So I keep trying and trying until I get something that I am please with, within the time I have in class, which is the image shown below.

First Try for the 2nd box

However, the biggest mistakes that I made was using boxes that had similar cluster. So I went home and did some refinement.

When I was doing the refinement for this box, I get annoyed that the boxes are not proportional. It just makes me feel like cutting the boxes or adding length to some boxes so that I can use the rule of third. But it’s ok, since we are going to use foam. *thumbs up*


During the theory lesson, it was easy to understand and identify about D, SD and SO. But when I try putting the theory into practical, it was a bit tricky. The solution to this was to identify which box belongs to D, SD and SO. Then, mix and match the boxes.

Another challenge was all sided had to have the same  D, SD and SO. This was the most tricky part as I had to keep turning and turning the whole boxes.

The last challenge was the x-axis has to be perpendicular to each other, which I had to keep trying, changing the boxes and putting the boxes in different position.