Mnemosyne’s Scent: Final


For this pair work, my pair was Hui En! (I was so excited to pair with her. YAY!) 


Both of us share similar memories about our class. So we wanted to portray that in our 3D model.

Mindmap of memories as a class

The keyword from the mind map are togetherness, discovery and future.


The scent the we are going for is tea and coffee, as it makes us stay awake in class or at night (during submission weeks). So me and Hui En went to survey our class – Do you prefer tea or coffee?. And the answer was 50% coffee, 50% tea.

So we went to research more on the scent of coffee and tea.

Mindmap of scent

From my research (image above), coffee scent has different intensity level and tea scent helps to relax a person’s mind.

Coffee scent are smell when its brewing and there are range of colours to it – brown, dark brown to black. And tea are normally served in glass cups.

From Huien’s research, tea and coffee can be associated with each other. This can be linked to our memories as a class, like having outfit-of-the-day together and also lunch. Huien also mention that although each individual is different, we can still mingle around and look out for each other.


Examples of planar

For the planer part, we wanted to do something that is going up to represent soar, take flight and going up. As that is what will happen to each of us (G6) when we separated into our majors.

Light & Shadow

Example of lighting & shadows

At first when we discussed about our ideation, Huien mention that she wanted to do something different. So we decided to play with lighting and shadow. Instead of having the number 6 (representation of G6) in our model, we thought of having the 6 cast on shadows. Why the number 6? Because 6 symbolise completeness, high ideals and luck which brings back to our memory as a class.

Material – Paper

Example of paper sculpture

We thought of using papers because

  1. Easy to make planar
  2. Paper is flat hence we can experiment and explore it to create into 3D


Testing the shadow with our selected paper sculptor

Although Huien injured her finger, she insist of doing some paper cut
trying out the shadow, but it did not create the number 6

Out of all the shadows, this was the most successful in creating the number 6
Thank you Huien for being the model :)

Shell (white paper) represent love and protection. Our shell spirals upwards. This is to show that we believe in each individual, in our class, to continue to improve and strive for the best (which represents the spirals going upwards).

Number 6 represent completeness and high ideals, which then refer back to our class. Some weeks we would wear outfit-of-the-day together and go lunch together.

Gold is use for coffee. It is in loops to show that coffee has different intensity. Sliver is use for tea as the tea scent lingers for a while and it will then diffuse into the air.


I like the concept of using lighting and shadow, however it was not executed well especially when it is being wear. That’s why we could not cast the shadows during the runway.

Scent + bottle

The scent that brings back pleasant memory is this snake brand cooling powder. At first, I did not like it because of the after effect of the powder, which is the heat.

When did I start liking it? 

It was during my camp,  when we are told that we won’t be showering and we started to panic and get anxious. By the way, we are a group of girls going camp at Pulau Ubin. So my instructor told us to get this powder to replace our shower.

I could not find a picture of us during camp, but here are the girls I went camp with

This powder brings back the memories I had during camp. One of it was I was the leader in charge of my team (we were groups in 4), and I was a bit ‘naughty’ that I broke a quite a few camp rules such as secretly wasting camp food then allowing my teammates to eat outside food. And we got punished for that.

Pencil box/pencil leads bring back to my unpleasant memories. Pencil box have been with me since I start schooling, and I constantly changed my pencil as I grow up.

But pencil is one of the important things in my pencil box. Since young, I like to use pencil and scribble on papers. However what annoys me is when the pencil lead smudges on my hand. Especially during art lesson, where I drew half way using pencil, and I realise that my drawing paper has pencil smudges on it. And I really hate it when this happens because I am the clean and neat type of student.

Me being extra careful so that my hand won’t touch my work

Mnemonics device

At first when I heard about Mnemonics device I was like, “Huh? What is that?”. But after researching about it, I realise that I have been using a lot of Mnemonics devices, especially during school days.

Here are the types of Mnemonics devices that I used in Secondary school:

Model Mnemonics – Food pyramid & animal chain. With model mnemonic, it makes it easier for someone like me (who needs to study visually) to understand a certain topic.

Animal chain

Note Organization Mnemonics – which are notes from the teacher or I will create a mind map for myself so that I can better understand the topic.

Image Mnemonics – when I’m tried of writing words on my mind map, I will then use images or draw some icons/symbol to represent its meaning.

Other examples that my teachers thought me are:

I used to not know which direction vertical and horizontal goes, so my teacher told me that vertical has the letter V, so it goes down. 

Another thing that confuse me was the word: decrease and increase. So my teacher told me that DBS banking represent decrease because Decreasing:  Big (to) Small. So this is the use of acronyms.

Another theory is to make a new habit, you have to do it continuously do it for 21 days. When I heard this for the first time, I tried it out and it really work. So when I want to create a new habit, I will stick to this theory. But I’m not sure whether this links to Mnemonic device. 

Another tips for memorizing, from my teacher, was he told us to revise or recall whatever we have learnt within 24hours. This was something that I have been sticking with ever since secondary school.


Good memories

For good memories, the keywords are flower, girls & sharing.

Bad memories

For bad memories, the keywords is smudge.


The base of the bottle can be represented as flower
This was done by Ying Hui, I like how the lines and cut out are formed
A curled up to represent friendship (for good memories)
I tried to create a flower but it looks like the flower has not bloom. I added in yellow wax for experimentation
I wanted to create the smudge effect that reminds me of the bad memories
Front view of the image above
Smudge effec, I like how it goes from translucent to transparent (top to bottom)


So I did a few different variations of the same concept. One of it looks like a Super Tree in Garden By the Bay, so I make the leaves thicker. Then the others I try to make the difference in tone, like going from transparent to dark.

PLANAR Construction

After experimenting the different types of strip, I thought of making into a rollercoaster as rollercoaster has different types of loops, twisted and up and down. And I recalled going to one of China’s theme park where the rollercoaster has 10 loops. After riding this, I was not afraid of roller coaster any more.

The rollercoaster with 10 loops

Here are other rides that I took while I was in the theme park, which can be my inspiration:


Feedback for Planar 1

  • Remove the broken panel to create different sizes of void
  • Make the longest strip flow naturally
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together 

With the feedback given in class, I refined it. Making one part of it busy and let the longest strip flow naturally.

Feedback for Planar 2

  • The broken can be removed to crate more voids
  • Make the SO look like an obvious 2D twisted panel
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together


After refining Panel 2, I wasn’t sure about making the SO twisted 3 times. It feels like it is taking attention from the 3D broken panel, which is the SD.

Behind-the-scene images:

My cat helping me to check D, SD, SO
Still checking
Making sure I get a correct angle while taking an image of my planar