Reflection #01 Four Naughty Concept Play Games Narrative and Interactivity


The four naughty terms, play, games narrative and interactivity has been widely use nowadays. I agreed with Zimmerman that are we using those terms with little knowledge about them. As in probably there is another side that we didn’t see before due to the impression of what was introduce to use first. Like Interactivity, the common definition was people having interaction with a device while also receiving responds. Zimmerman pointed out some underlying concept which is linked with narrative that I feel that it made up the interactivity. There will be some sort of communication, movement or activity going on, to be interactive. From this will link to the four modes of narrative interactivity mode 1 or even mode where the physical material/object making some connections.

The most eye catching concepts from Zimmerman to me was the explanation of play. Since young I was taught that play can be referring to a lot of things such as playing computer games, playing with friends, disturbing your friends etc. Zimmerman narrow down the different categories of play which gives me another perspective of the term “play”. From his explanation I felt the intention behind us playing something that will be categories weather is it a Game play, Ludic activities or just being in a play state of mind.

Another interesting point that I feel I usually mix up the experience of some interactive art work or games when they do not provide the same excitement or pleasures. Zimmerman stated that why should we expect to receive the same pleasures as film from a novel when they are a different medium? It is like we are comparing apple and a vegetable.  Indeed, I usually neglect that part probably that’s why I dislike readings as I am a more visual person. However, looking back to my experience going to museum or looking though some of the artworks I judged too quickly and neglected what the true message that the artist wanted to show. The experience even thought is different or less exciting but there will be still some message or point that the artist wants to bring across.

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