Narrative for Interaction Plot Idealisation I

The direction of the project I am going towards is information narrative showcasing different parts of Singapore, could be place that is common or uncommon. I will using the advantage of social media to link up with my project. I have found a reference on how the interaction to the user will be from a game promotion website. 

Halo 5: Guardians Visualizer 

Possible flow of plot:

  1. Entering preview page The map
    [An introduction to user,
     what is the objective of the website.]
    Reference: Markuslerner travelscope
  2. The overview of 3D map
    [User can move around with mouse and decide which area to click to view.]
    Reference: Halo 5:Guardians Visualizer

Using the combination of Threejs and WebGL. Before that 3D model of the map need to be done. [Researching Still in Progress].

  • Information about that place
    [There will be information of that particular place as well as a cluster of photograph will be link from social media, either from hashtags or the location that they tagged. ] 

Stages of progression

  • Using Blender or other 3D modeling software that can export JSON files to model the map out [compatible files for threejs.]
  • Try out the exports of JSON files in coding the threejs
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • 3D modeling of the map
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Coding for Introduction to user using threejs and WebGL 
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Coding for Map
    [Research Still in Progress]
  • Linking up the social media to html [+ problem solving, foresee there will be a lot of problem] 
    [Researching Still in Progress]
  • Final editing


Narrative for Interaction – Research Part II


After presenting my ideas, I am really curious how the touch screen projection work [Story of the time when god is everywhere].

So I found out about this touchjet Pond which uses the pen that is connected to the projector by the camera. Which it works similarly like how Wacom works.  However, the even cooler projector is Lazertouch Mini Projector.

This lasertouch projector uses the laser to track the area being touched which I think thats how the Story of the time when god is everywhere are working. I felt it was really fun touching the projection and something happen. So I went to check if ADM has this machine but ya, we don’t have it. However, for the technical part if I really want to do a project out of it, I think it will be quite manageable. But I have decided to learn more than that. Probably going on to HTML..

I went on to research for some interesting websites. Here is what I found.

A game promotion, where the instagram #hastags made up the helmet.

I like how the interactivity is made here.

simple yet interesting.

Some other links that I want to keep: