Dialogue in the Dark

It was my second time at Dialogue in the Dark. Even though I knew what is going to happen, I still felt insecure. Because we are already so used to our sense of sight, the sudden moment of darkness scares me. My eyes kept trying to see things, but there is absolute darkness inside. Vision is of no use, we had to maximise all other senses, the sense of touch, hear and smell. I also rely strongly on the person in front of me. I have to trust her and our guide. Uncle Gary, the master of this environment, he guides us along and ensure that we are fine, hence it provide us with a sense of security.

I felt that Dialogue in the Dark pushes me out of my comfort zone orienting me to a world/ place without pictures and colours. After this experience, I learnt that not everyone is as fortunate as us, we should treasure the things that we have now and not take things for granted. I am also truly impressed by how positive Uncle Gary is,  like how he feel visually challenged people can accomplish wonders just by using other senses.

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