Micro Project III

Posted by Kai Ting on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The objective of this project was to make use of the third space to create an interactive artwork. To me, a third space to me refers to the ability to connect to people in the space regardless of the location. For instance, connection over a phone call, or Skype.

For our third space micro- project, Kai Ting and I took advantage of the split screen to create a symmetry drawing.

We initially had the idea of playing tick tac toe. However, we realised that we were unable to create a symmetrical template for the game hence we scrapped off that idea.

Kai Ting and I started the activity in different rooms seperately. However, we faced some technical issue with our connection therefore we had to troubleshoot it by moving to the same room while sitting at two different ends.

Besides, we tried to make our idea more interactive by introducing an activity where both parties had to create a drawing to mirror each other. In order to match each other drawing to create a perfect symmetrical shape, each party has to pay close attention and follow each other closely.

The poor internet connection was a major obstacle. Due to that, we had trouble coordinating as it was lagging. Another difficulties we had was the time constraint as we had to come up with an idea within the 30mins. As a result we were unable to practice our concept fully.

Overall, we felt that this activity was a good learning experience for us to understand the concept of the third space and how it works. The third space is important as it serves as a platform for people to connect with one another.

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