3D – Research and development (Part2)

Study Model 2


After some research and ideas in mind, I decided to process with my study model 2.
Started off by cutting the paper into a letter "W", I felt that by cutting into a shape of W, it gives a series of angels for me to bend them without putting so much forces in it and it has lots of angels to play with.


By default its best to mark the dots to sew through before making the patterns and shape out of the plane because the final model will be a different and thicker material. This is one of the process that I learnt.

Study Model 2 (Final Outcome)
I felt that it has lots of things to improve on, example like the shape needs to be properly form and must be good in all angles,  The strings is roughly what I want as I remembered carefully where's the dots are placed.

 But I might changed the whole layout again as this is part of the study model! I believed the next outcome will be a solid one.

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