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Hello world!! I’ve finally decided to start shooting shops that has been around for so so soooo long as I find it really interesting because of its heritage. Don’t you find it amazing at how long all these shops has been around since forever!? There are shops that has been here waaaaay before I was born, or even before my parents are married, some might even be as old as my parents or grandparents!

Therefore, the title of this series is called – 22 Years & Above. And this begins, the journey to the west find shops that has an even longer lifetime than me.

Being the really indecisive me, I only managed to start shooting on the third day of Chinese New Year. And then I realised… most of the shops are not open. But lets see what I’ve got! My Dad (love him), brought me all the way to Little India because he mentioned that only the shops in Little India are opened hahaha. So here are some pictures. But… it started pouring once we alighted from the car -_- So here are just some shots that I managed to take. Pardon for the inconsistent shots!! But I know I will mostly be doing frontal shots in the future.


This bookstore has been here at this spot for 40 years!!


A fabric store that has been around for 30 years.


Not sure how long this tailor has been here but it looks shaaaady.


A bird shop located at Teck Whye which has been here for 40 years!


He also owns the aquarium beside it hmmm.


Yangtze Kiang Uniform Shop which I believe has been here for quite awhile, as I remembered getting my primary school uniform from there! Have yet to check how long is their heritage.



A Chinese incense shop which has been around for 30 years. Really friendly staff as they told me to take more pictures.

I will be roaming around Singapore to take more pictures!! So stay tune. 

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