Point of View – Final


Final individual panels


Bird from the point of view of myself is reflection

With a pet parrot at home, i got reminded everytime how birds are a mirror of ourselves.


Feathers from the point of view of Miyazaki is baggage

The idea behind his was from Howl’s Moving Castle by Miyazaki. In the movie, Howl was a birdman with black feathers and his castle forever changing due to the different emotions and the situations people will face. I fused this idea together. In order to portray this, i made sure that all the feathers have their own unique patterns.


Midnight from the point of view of Edgar is change

Influenced by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, the raven. There was a sentence mentioning “midnight” and “December”. I interpreted it as midnight being a very special timing, it can be the end, but it is also the start to a new beginning/day. The birds swarm around in cycle, like how a clock would work, however i purposely made a “beginning/end” at the 12o’ clock mark. What is going to happen next? We have no idea.


A mapless journey from the point of view of birds is adventure

Migratory birds can travel freely around the world, without using a map, without getting lost. Using their inner magnet? or their inner instincts. They follow them to their destination. Each resting place might change every time, hence its always an adventure.

Flight from the point of view of birds is resistance

Flight from the point of view of birds is resistance

In order to fly, birds have to fight with air resistance. that’s a scientific view. however, if we rethink, in order to live, we have to fight with any resistance that comes along our way, to become stronger than before

Being alive from the point of view of humming bird is dance

Being alive from the point of view of humming bird is dance

Hummingbird, being the smallest bird that flaps their wings in super high speed. whenever i look at them the are just like they are dancing in the sky. Is this their way of portraying their freedom? but in order to survive, they have to dance forever.

On the wall:


Concept: I wanted the panels to have the flow between the greens and blues, from head to tail.

They are on the wall…finally

IMG-20151025-WA0005 copy

My initial installation of my rhymes



IMG-20151025-WA0004 copy2

IMG-20151025-WA0004 copy copy My installation would work better as a straight line?

Individual Boards:

20151023_155445 copy2 20151023_155449 copy2 20151023_155454 copy 20151023_155500 copy 20151023_155511 copy

Even though they may not be as impressive as the others, i still love them and i ventured out to new techniques and compositing for graphic design which i barely done before. These are valuable learning experiences for me.

p.s. when i got the prints



And i present to you…. My Final Lines


Final Installation of my Assignment one20150911_135825-4 copy

Other than each of the individual lines, i also focused on the overall flow and presentation of the lines. I made sure that none of the lines that look similar are close to each other. From my final submission, some how out of subconscious, all the lines are connected and they seem to flow in a circle(wonder if anyone can notice that), it is like how i mentioned, no matter what emotions, they are all linked to one another.


Individual Lines Analysis 

All the emotions are written, or should i say hidden among the lines. To me, words are made up of lines too, they should be part of the line, not a separate existence.


Embarrassed – being embarrassed feels like you are shying away from something, but it feel embarrassed, it is actually a very strong feeling. Hence the mix of the initial faint(shying away) but it gradually transforms into the strong feelings (dark hard lines) behind it.

This is done on a transparency sheet, and i have purposely let the inked part exposed, like how after we exposed ourselves, we might feel embarrassed.

Method: Pushing and pulling and swirling the transparency sheet on the stained/remaining ink on the glass tabletop. Some parts are diluted with water while some parts are kept as it is.



Nonsensical – “having no meaning; making no sense” From the weird lines and shapes on the left to a sudden deep dark right side with random spots. It shows how many different feelings can appear together. If this is not nonsensical, what is?

Method: Mono printing with a branch of dried leaves and small flowers. Didn’t know what to expect but interesting weird results. The leaves (left side) even created prints that look like human legs.



Ambiguous – Why is there a boomerang? Why are there small different lines? Are they Lines or scratches? What is that giant flash of light? What are the lines at the bottom? Tons of questions ask when we are feeling unclear. Even after asking them, they are still not solving the question, hence ambiguous

Method : Mono Printing



Fragile – A thin line, but never a complete line. Even something complete can be broken (the top line) and even if u look strong, there is no “perfection” there might be parts that are slowly fading away and falling apart


Awkward – 届けたいけど届かない。(wanting to reach it but you can reach it) This was the immediate first feeling when i saw this line. The feeling of wanting to venture into new areas(the dark bottom part) but u feel weird and awkward, hence stopping somewhere even before reaching it

Method: Multiple mono printing with masking tapes



Sloven – Being lazy. Everything feels cluttered and confused, in a pile together. Not caring what happens next

Method: Monoprinting with Garden String. Love this effect this particular string gave as compared to the usual strings.



Distracted – Am i suppose to be drawing lines or making splatters? Which direction was i suppose to go again?

Method: Splattering of chinese ink randomly and and it drip. Adding lines using glass deco ink after that.



Psychotic – It felt like the weird black and white images that we will see if we went crazy. Random parts of flashbacks all compiled together in one. Who wouldn’t go crazy?

Method: Monoprinting using a small roller and…..?



Turbulent – Hard, direct, straight on strong feelings that comes to be like waves and from many many directions. Crisscrossing of emotions. Everything crushing onto me/ the center. feeling the center of the turbulent waves

Method: Brushing of chinese ink using the dusting brush.



Indecisive – Choosing Paths. When are are 2 paths for you to choose, which will you choose? Even after you choose, what will be the end? Throughout the path, there are many little obstacles (lines), how do i decide?

Method: Monoprinting with scrunched and rolled up kitchen towel!



Bizarre – What are the tingly things? Is some new breed of vine monster sprouting out from the ground?

This is one of the magical effect created again by the garden strings. I was immediately certain that this feels bizarre to me and it is one of the earliest emotion that i have choose and decided upon.

Method: Monoprinting with Garden strings



Sensual – Yeah it feels good

Method: Monoprint with crushed pieces of paper



Exhausted – When I feel exhausted, it feels like the whole mountain is coming down crushing on you. This is how it feels like for me

Very much inspired by Alexander Cozens who use random marks to create landscape. If you flip it around u will see a mountain range

Method: Collaging different pieces of crushed paper left from monoprinting.



Systematic – Whats more systematic than repeating and doing the same action over and over again?

Method: This is done by pressing down and making mark on the whole A3 paper, without dipping the brush back in for ink again, hence creating the gradient effect.



Anxious – Being trapped and lost in a maze. The prints look like a huge maze to me. The sides that look like exits are not, what are they? When we are lost, we will get anxious, hence this emotion. 

Method: Monoprint with kitchen towel. Crush and place them randomly, let the ink and towel do the magic!



Lyrical – “Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha” The anime series that i love ever since i watch it. My mind was filled with the image of magic casting circles and transmutations. I focus on the magical feel.

Method: Varying strength of sqeezing the glass deco ink out of the bottle (since my hand will run out of energy) the zig zag lines magically created, and also the wonderful line weight. It feels like how lyrical magical musical rhythm, doesn’t it?



Spontaneous – What gets more spontaneous with high energy splatters and lines on the whole paper?

Method : this was actually the third or fourth monoprint. I liked the lines and effects, didnt what to waste it so i added blotches of inks randomly using a twig and pressed it down with the giant roller. It was really spontaneous when i am doing it, simply feeling the flow and energy of my work.



Aggressive – The very strong emotion. Strong waves. Hard direct truth.

Method: Confident brush strokes in one direction. I love the energy that was presented to me and it felt like what aggression should be like.



This whole process started out unsure, confused about what was I supposed to do. However, the “blind churning out of works” evolved when more works are created and after i done proper research. As i went on this journey, everything become more clear. I was doubting what i had created would make its cut, but after finally completing everything, I was proud (at least a little) of what i have created. This has help me to venture into areas where i would not have gone into previously. I started to appreciate the different styles each different artists have, and how to use this knowledge in my works.

Thank you for following me throughout this journey.

Finding self with self portraits☆Final


Final installation of the series!


Installation on wall!

I felt that this was series of photos for me to portray who I am, and what I am. I am not someone who easily expresses my inner feelings out (even to the people closest to me). There seemed to be a gap between me and the other party, not one that is intentional, but unknowingly. As much as i want to express my true feelings or problems, it is always hard. After much thinking, one of the easiest way is to portray it through a proxy,in this case my pooh which has been by my side for so many years. Unexpected revelations and explorations through this short journey of self portraits.

Selecting the photos is one thing, deciding how to group and display them is totally another matter. For this installation, it is divided into 2 side, the first 3 (inverted L shape) as a group and the right L as another. The 3 of them flows as a group. the 2 photos on the last row are purposely place out of the perfect rectangle. It has that sense of being “drop out” and yet, with them, it completes the picture. My purpose is to make the viewer’s mind fill in the missing gap (which humans love doing). They function as a whole, as function well individually too.


the 4 that didnt get selected for the final

The final 12.



What u see on the outside doesnt necessary represent how i am truly feeling


love how this moment pooh and i has the same expressions //the main reason this was chosen into the final



the flow of action/human. foreground v mid v back. and pooh blends in seamlessly


VS symmetry

7-min8-min9-min10-min 11-min12-min

Thats all folks~ thanks for reading. Even though this assignment was brain wrecking(for me) and cause me a fever~ it was all worth it^^  for knowing myself a little better