Final Lines work-in-progress 2


These are some of the monoprint materials leftover that i used. Thought they would make interesting lines and variation too.


I love the gaps that were created inbetween


They were messy if it was place as the lines directly. I scaned them in and the lines look wonderful


trying out to see if i can collage in the kitchen towels into the shapes


I also tried cutting out the kitchen towels in pieces to collage them into a line





This is the piece of plastic that i used as a base for the monoprinting ink. And i thought why not? let me make something with this too. So i crushed the plastic and did scratching and swirls on it. The result wasnt as good as i predicted it might be, but it was a good experiment

20150912_210607 copy

And of course, i will need to print it on paper. it was printed without any rollers, I simply used my hands to press the ink down

While i was placing the lines, i also suddenly had an idea of scratching the paper with a needle.



Scan 6

It was on a small piece of paper as i wasnt sure how it would turn out

20150912_205945 copy

and i decided to try it on a full A3 size paper. The marks above were made when the paint is not completely dry, I liked that effect better compared to the ones that were made after the paper dried completely (bottom)


Referencing is really important: Lines can be found and used everywhere?!


While i was browsing for books in the ADM library, I accidentally came across this artist, Antony Gormley. He is a British sculpture that has made a huge amount of interesting installations at many places.

I have mainly picked out his installations which are related to our project!


This is a series he made, showing the energy of a human possess. really love the “eplosive” lines

20150901_165954 20150901_170013-min 20150901_165833-min


Pictures taken from : Antony Gormley by Martin Caiger-Smith

More works featured on his website:

I didnt have a chance to use these in my project time time, but it is definitely useful for further projects and inspirations.