Locale – Queenstown: Process

From previous post, I realise that the design direction and the content of the zine does not fit each other. As the illustrations of the shapes are colourful and the content of has a nostalgic feel. Hence, I decided to think of a new design direction.

For this new design direction, the context will be about Mdm Ker Ah Kin’s perspective on her shop. When I met her for the first time, she mention that the business was not going too well because of  the change of generation.  Hence I though of a transition concept from how the shop started to where it is now. 

Reference Image of how I distort the image
Sketches of layout
Experimenting on the shop front, as I intended to use a picture of the shop front as my cover page.
Experimenting on one of the images fro the inside page.
Mock up #1
Cover Page

Mock up #2

I was not satisfied with the outcome of both mock ups. So I decided to change the whole concept. See my next post!


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