Creative Industry Report

Slides: IDS Assignment 1

Post Graduation, I intend to work on starting up my own creative/design studio that finds more creative ways to approach marketing. Working freelance in my friend’s start up recently where we rely on close contacts with completely different skill sets has given me more appreciation for a collaborative framework when embarking on projects. Rather than having a top-down approach or strictly assigned roles, I would want a team of designers and marketers to be hands on and be involved in the brainstorming process together. With my interest in spaces, culture, and communicating experiences through graphic design, I do hope to synthesis both spatial design and visual communication. I also believe that while we study methodologies such as speculative design and generativity, these principles are rarely applied to tangible projects, resulting in a somewhat saturated marketing style/approach. Starting up my own studio would allow me to have the freedom to be more explorative in the initial phases, applying these methodologies to the creative process to conceptualise unique and new solutions to a problem brought forth by clients. With my passion for design and art, ultimately I intend to bridge the gap between marketing/branding and art practice. An equal balance in art/design and corporate presence would be ideal.

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