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FYP — Pitch

2. FYP Proposal Summary

1. Prescriptive Scenario : Observing Chosen Site (Outram Park/Duxton) as a Case Study, studying spaces, behaviours, interactions between Old & New and translating these into tangible & meaningful patterns that can be harnessed or used as springboard for achieving preservation & reconciliation of cultures. Studying Coexistence, Symbiosis & Juxtaposition of both Organic & Inorganic Entities/Phenomena to explore the conceptualisation of a shared common ‘space’ that allows for intersection and interaction of Old & New, Past & Present, Present & Future

2. Fictional World : Imagining a Fictional World where Ageing or its process is homogenous or where ‘Youth’ is immortalised as a feeling despite our physical degeneration. A world where the ‘New’ blends into or springs from the ‘Old’ rather than replacing the ‘Old’. A Cyclic Biosystem that mimics nature rather than a conventional man-made linear process of demolishing or removing traces of the past/old in pursuit of Novelty. A world where they are not treated as polar opposites that diminish the other as either of them grow, but rather a world where their individual growth leads to an exponential flourishing of the ‘whole’. A world where the Old never gets ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ isn’t just a transient novelty but rather one that branches out from the Old. A world where there is no vulgar distinction between the past and present. A World where Spaces flow and weave into one another rather than one where Space is artificially bound or restricted by the man-made walls demarcating it. A Community/Synergy with a Collective Identity/Culture/Modus Operandi rather than a mere Geographical Location with Enclaves of Different Identities that coincidentally happen to reside beside each other.

3. What-Ifs (Speculative)

  • What if All Senior Citizens dressed flamboyantly and young people dressed conservatively? 
  • What if we aged backwards? 
  • What if Buildings were protected permanently and could never be demolished/replaced? 
  • What if the concept of ‘private spaces’/walls/doors did not exist and we could cross into any space we wanted? 

4. ‘Social Isolation’ :

  • Live In Areas that are not as accessible or connected to Bars etc. 
  • The number or data of Elderly LGBTQ folks are unknown and this could be attributed to the fact that discrimination towards LGBTQ folks both culturally and socially existed for a long time until recent years. Some were open but many had to live their life discreetly or even ‘ignore’ their sexuality for the sake of pursuing a life of normalcy. 
  • Possible lack of Understanding. Some of these ageing folks might be illiterate or not as well versed with such terms. Thought they may have an inkling or idea of what it is to be ‘Gay’ there is still no deep knowledge on how society has progressed in terms of treating sexuality. This not only perpetuates internalised homophobia but also contributes to the discrimination.
  • LGBTQ is treated as conflicting with ‘Culture’. One is usually outcast when they come out. It is significant to note that gender fluidity is expressed and manifested through many elements of these rich cultures — Hinduism, Buddhism etc. In the form of their deities. The ornamentations and motifs encapsulated within the spaces of Temples are colourful, decorative and flamboyant. In my chosen site, these spaces co exist side by side with LGBTQ Establishments. Perhaps by drawing parallels and finding superficial similarities between the two cultures, a visual blend could be a starting point.

5. Deliverable : Conceptualising a ‘Bar Space’ for Ageing LGBTQ folks (considering there is no proper safe space to accommodate these folks and most of them choose to be rather reclusive). Taking into account how though most LGBT Millennials are quite liberal, they will eventually end up ageing too, so I got to thinking it could be a call to action to design for the future. Furthermore, inherently intersecting/integrating seemingly contrasting elements from both these entities will allow for breaking of barriers and encourage interaction/dialogue.

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