Assignment 1: Mirror

Video lags a little, as Quicktime was recording it at the same time. Usually there will be no visible lag. Hence, to offset this lag, I sped up the video.

Mirror patch

Figure 1: My Mirror Patch


Webcam input > pfaces recognition > light sensor > output video

I wanted to tweak the patch, such that if a face went too near the screen, a sound will bang out. However, I could not construct the automated response; otherwise, by mouse-clicking on the toggle button, the sound will ring out.

Mirror patch with sound

Figure 2: Mirror patch with sound edits

Will try it again if time allows.

Assignment 2: Opto-Isolator ◔_◔


Webcam tracks face > x and y coordinates of face > link x coordinates to video frame

This patch hit numerous issues, when played on my laptop. The video file couldn’t be read unless in avi format, but placing it in avi format makes max crash. After which I had to use the school’s macs to power up my patch file.

Patch the roving eye

Figure 1: My patch

Issues with patch:

  • Lagging in output video
  • Face tracking not accurate enough
  • patch possibly too complex, hence laggy?