Bubblemania | #FYP

A quick and (very) summarised update on what I’ve been up for the week – bubble experimentation!

Bubble Characteristics
Types of Bubbles
Singular, clump, foam

Bubble Movements
Burst, fuse, repel

Creating Bubbles
Based on my experiments, the outcome of the bubble type will depend on the shape of the wand and can be altered as such.

For a large singular bubble, use a wand with a big single opening. For little bubbles to appear at one go, use a wand with many small openings.

Bubble Experiment #1
Altering Materials

Material List for bubble exp 1

It should be noted that certain materials such as the glitter was hard to mix into the soapy mixture. For future references, only water soluble substances should be used.

Bubble Experiment #2
Inputting Sound


  1. Singularly large bubble – rainbow reflection was more ‘solid’, and changes in sound beats more obvious in bubble
  2. Clustered bubble – similar outcome to singularly large bubble, but movement/swaying of bubble more negligible
  3. Foam bubble – most obvious outcome in terms of movement (as foam is smaller and lighter to move), water droplets dance around resplendently

My friends recommended that I try bass music instead for more effective ‘bubble dancing’. Perhaps I should try that.

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One thought on “Bubblemania | #FYP”

  1. these experiments are very interesting. I particularly like it when you zoom in on the bubbles and you lose the sense of scale, the bubbles essentially turning into massive sculptures or land installations. Is it possible to enter into the world of bubbles? Can we inhabit the bubble? What about the bubble as a metaphor for being out of touch with reality, as living in a bubble? Do bubbles shield us from reality?

    The experimentation with bubbles is yielding all kinds of possibilities, I would like to see you go beyond just the materiality of the bubble but also its metaphorical quality, the potential of manipulation, of changing scale, of projecting, of sound alteration, etc., but in ways that suggest the larger work. Try and stay connected, even while experimenting, with the big picture ideas.

    Keep experimentation, but do more writing and thinking about where it is going. See if you can approach your writing as part of the creative flow of your work, allowing yourself the freedom to dream inside your bubbles.

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