Exercise 1: Scale & Framing

For class, we had to experiment with shot scales and framing angles, and our friends were our main subjects! With Naomi as my partner, I tried to take photos that capture her constant need to sleep (something we both share in common).

Wide Shot 

Wide shot

I felt that using a wide shot as an establishing shot would be appropriate – using elements from the environment to give viewers some context about what the series is going to be about. Using an eye-level angle, I wanted to balance the different elements in the shot, given that there were many different angles, patters, and objects in the background. Having the shot situated outside establishes the setting (daytime, in school) and in my opinion, shows that Naomi is stuck in school.

Medium Shot

Medium shot

Using a medium shot, I wanted to draw more focus to the main subject (Naomi), but at the same time leaving a little bit of suspense. Instead of placing her in the centre, I shifted her position to the side of the frame to kind of reinforce the emotion she is trying to convey (her sleepiness) – since she was staring into the left side of the shot, I shifted the frame more to the left.

Top Angle

Top angle

I used a top angle for this shot because I wanted to show her staring into nothing, reiterating the fact that she’s so tired that she is often staring into space. Using top angles also portray the subject in a state of weakness and I wanted to convey that as well, as I thought it fitted her characteristic I wanted to display quite appropriately.

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