In world of Noche: Chapter II Negotiation

After they order from cheif, both Theron and Lythicorn set of to the Clan of Jark with a PAV the next day morning. Journey to Clan of Jark was not easy due to their high security system. They were transfer to military vehicle and was escort to the meet the chief. Full body inspection is a prerequisite before meeting entering the building.

Security: “Kindly place all your belongings over to the scanning machine over at the right and come over for the full body scan.”

While scanning Lythicorn’s belonging was detected to have explosive object. According to the rules, security will hold on to it until they return so to avoid any conflicts.

Security: “Hi Sir, your belongings was detected to have an explosive object. We will hand back over to you when you are back.”

Lythicorn: “It was just a simple greeting gift. Thats all.”

Security: But it was detected to be explosive so will will handle this until you are back. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Leaving him with no choice and they move on with the escorts. They was blinded while walking toward a meeting room to meet the chief. Lythicorn secretly memorise where they are taking him to. While Theron taking extra cautious about the surrounding. The place was enclosed, echo can be easily be heard and exceptionally cold. Its kinda creepy feeling that send a shivers down your spine. Finally they arrive at the room and was guided to sit down and they are unfolded.

There was a lengthy table in front of them. On the another end was the chief sitting down with a glass of wine. There is two guards who stand behind the cheif and two behind Theron and Lythicorn.

Chief of Jerk: “I heard that you guys wanted a negotiation. Did the stubborn old man told you why I wanted to started the war?”

Theron: “Yes he did, he said he was regarding our prior agreement.”

Chief of Jerk: Banging the table yes it is, so what do you think I want now? I did not start the war in a harsh way because we have work together for so long. But why did you guys delay our agreement for so many times…

Continue with the conversation for 2 hour…

Roll your dice against your intelligent to see if you are able to convince the chief with your solution.



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