Max Assignment #01 Mirror

Learning Max was so much easier as compare to other written programming software but still, you will need to know which commend to box to call for action.

In this Max Assignment we are to make a reflection of ourselves which act as a mirror and when we go closer, the mirror will shows nothing. I face some problem while doing this project, for example connecting to the wrong point would cause the whole programme to shut down. [Which initially I got so angry over the computer because I though it was lagging]



keeping our stuff neat and tidy

we got to learn the function [p something] was to keep a long connection inside while enable us to link with other area with the inlet and outlet. This is so much less confusing and neater.

Using Library 

Adding the library to Max was pretty easy but using them is another. This time using the CV library we could activate our build in camera! [This is so much easier compare to processing openCV] At first I couldn’t activate due to my carelessness to add the message box [open] & [close]. Also using the jit.rgb2luma to convert the image to black & white.

Using Line 

Before using line my video actually work very well just there is a bit of flashing here and there when the camera could not detect faces. Using line that I have learn, still not quite understand but I am able to control the time that the camera turn black. Moreover changing the screen to darker when face detected on certain amount which makes everything goes smoother!


Overall, I could learn in a not so stressful pace and enjoy doing max!


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