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The documentation was shown in a different way just like you are watching a real documentation of the olden days. I was surprise by the amount of video they took. It is very well documented just like showing us everything about them since they started. As compare to present days everything can be video and document easily, I was quite ashamed that with these easily accessible devices I should have created a more detail documentation of my work process.

Videofreex being the first to go out to film was another facts that surprise me! Although there are television channels available during that time, they are only shows and news which did not broadcast what is happening around them. Videofreex did something that out of the norm taking the camera out to shoot for example the Woman Liberation rally. Its one of the event that leave a deep impression in me, some woman were shouting against mans and there was a lot happening during that time. In the documentation, they said that

It is important to go there where history are being made

which I strongly agrees and it speaks about how I feel towards the Woman Liberation rally. It is like in the present days, we only could have a glimpse of the olden days from the limited amount of images or from our grandparents stories. Whereas, while watching the documentation it sort of take me back to the olden days in real time. The video clips provide me information of how they speaks, what their fashion is like and little details that cannot be said by a person. Stories are good too, nevertheless the picture we get was solely by our imagination. However, its a two different experience.

I am sure envious that they can be so brave in chasing what they believe in and being confident about it. Especially when it comes to money they have been through a lot of limitation and difficulty. On the another hand, I feel that they have gain a lot as well. Being able to capture the history personally I am sure its a once in a life time experience. Moreover, they even build the connectivity to broadcast on television. They are so resourceful even at that time when Google are still not their best friend. It reminds me of that day we tried using Facebook live was so much easier as compare to them.

Doing what the mainstream television channel was not doing, they firmly believe something can be done. There was once in the documentation they saw some other people was videoing the situation and they feel excited about it too. I feel it could be also an encouragement to them during that time because there is also someone who are similar like them. I am also sure that what they are doing would inspire lots of people. In later part of the documentation, they reveal that they also tired many experimental ways! Like using mirroring effects, live call in and hosting unconventional topics. In comparison to the shows that air in the present days I feel videofreex had change the way how television programme flow made during their era where their methods were used in the present. Their creativity sure break the old rules and created a new perspective to the media world.

The language of media is everybody’s language. Set up a camera and you can speak to the world!

They ended with quote above which I can relate with. When videos are images that flashing, even if we do not understand their language spoken we would still get some ideas of what it is showing. At least roughly what the topic is about. Nowadays social media are widely use and posting of photos or video are just as normal. What we are posting are also speaking to the world in a subtle way. Just like how one photos/video can be famous in one night by sharing from the viewers where it goes viral!

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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  1. Very interesting connections between past and present use of social media, and yes, the Videofreex were an example of early social media. I thought it was interesting that you felt you could be doing more to document your work, given that the tools today have advanced so dramatically since the Videofreex. Good point! Be sure when you write your research critiques that you use more visual material to illustrate your thoughts. Good piece!

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