Interactive Spaces Part I [Analog]

Ideas Generation:

My first ideas was using pulley to create a space for people to interact with the space. There are a few section where the viewer can pull the string to see what happen next, such as using fishing net and turning on a light. After receiving feedback from the class, this ideas was a bit too direct and might only keep the view for awhile.

I continue to develop more ideas using with pulley and also explore other material. I though of object like using repetitive pencils and explore different ways of writing using strings. Or creating a maze with corrugated boxes or using strings to create a swings.

In the end I arrive with this idea where the viewer would need to participate to get something. The wire frame are attached with many different kind of sweets, it will be hanging on top and using pulley to stabilise, on the another end I will be using 1KG rice both will be placing at distant apart. In order to get the sweets the views must work together, one person to lift up the 1kg rice another to take the sweets.

Author: Su Hwee Lim

I am a picky vegetarian who is a left hander. A Minority in minority.

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