2D Project- My Line is Emo


For each emotion, I think of times when I am feeling that way. And I tried to relate and express my emotions into the work.

Love (Material Used : Cotton Wool)

First emotion is love. Love is a feeling of strong and constant affection for a person. I define love as a soft and never ending. Reason why I use cotton pad is because it has a soft and fluffy texture. It has no hard edges.

The black reflects his imperfections in other peoples eyes. While the white reflects on how perfect he is in my eyes; how flawless and wonderful he is. Love has its ups and down but ultimately, it will go back the same. I work beyond the boundary as love has no ending, there is a start, but there will no have a end.

Eagerness (Material Used : Soap, Chinese Ink and Straw)

The next emotion is eagerness. I remember the first time I watched a soccer match. The eager and tensed feelings. The eager emotion just build up as the time goes by. Every time the player gets closer to the goalpost, my heart just beats fast. And whenever they miss the goal, my heart just burst.

The bursting bubbles represent the emotions I’m feeling during the match.

Surprise (Material Used : Straw and Chinese Ink)

Surprise is something that happen very sudden, be it good or bad surprise.  The emotions cannot be controlled. During my 21st birthday last year,  my family held a surprise birthday party for me. When I first stepped into the house, I was shocked that my relatives are all here to celebrate with me. Throughout the whole party, there are many little surprises, such as birthday wishes and gifts. And halfway through the party, I heard a group of people singing the birthday song, I turned and to my surprise, my group of secondary school classmates came. I was really  surprise and happy.

The lines here represents the surprise I get. From small surprise to big surprises.

Anger (Material Used : Ink and Marker)

Feeling angry made me use hard pressure on the paper.  I held my marker in my fist to create more harsh lines. I also created some concentrated patches to represent the outburst of anger.


Hurt (Paper)

Forgiving some one is easy, but there will always be a scar left behind. I translate this emotion into my work. If you look perfectly straight, you can barely see the black areas but after a closer look, you could see the ‘scars’ that are left behind.

Fear (Material Used : Brush and Chinese Ink)

Fear is an unpleasant emotion when you feel like you are in danger. I used chinese ink and the hard bristles of a brush. I dilute some part of the work with water, so that when it smudges it create a very soft and helpless feeling.


What I learn from this project, is not be afraid to ask for help. When you are lost, go on google or pinterest or even ask friends for help. I am sure they will give their honest opinions. Next, is try and experiment, the more you try out, we get more ideas and a better understanding of what we are supposed to do. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

I started out being lost, but i managed to complete this project successful!

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