Mnemosyne’s Scent

Smell & Memory

Human Beings have five different ways of sensing the world around them. One of them is smell.

How do smells trigger such strong emotions and memories?

Some smells and aromas are much nicer than others. While there will also be smells that we dislike. For me, I dislike the smell of dairy products. Especially milk, it has a very strong smell and taste, which reminds me of baby’s vomit.

That complex emotion and memory can be triggered by a simple sensory cue.

Memories linked to smells are often stronger and more vivid. Studies have shown that they also tend to be memories of early life, before we were 10 years old.

We tend to remember a particular sensation, rather than a bunch of facts about something that happened.

Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are techniques a person can use to help them improve their ability to remember something. In other words, it’s a memory technique to help your brain better encode and recall important information. It’s a simple shortcut that helps us associate the information we want to remember with an image, a sentence, or a word.

Mnemonic devices are very old, with some dating back to ancient Greek times. Virtually everybody uses them, even if they don’t know their name. It’s simply a way of memorizing information so that it “sticks” within our brain longer and can be recalled more easily in the future.


An acronym is a word formed from the first letters or groups of letters in a name or phrase. An acrostic is a series of lines from which particular letters (such as the first letters of all lines) from a word or phrase. These can be used as mnemonic devices by taking the first letters of words or names that need to be remembered and developing an acronym or acrostic.

Some people have a hard time remembering the colors of the rainbow. However, a few simple memory tricks can help you better remember the colours. Try to remember the name of an imaginary person called Roy G. Biv. So we can easily remember the 7 colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Nowadays, youngsters come up with our on acronyms. Such as ttyl. It helps us to communicate in our own terms. When we see such acronyms, our brain immediately tells us it means talk to you later.


Since young, we have been using this method to remember the number of days in the month.

Count the months on your knuckles and the grooves between your knuckles. Leave out your thumb knuckle. Every month that lands on a knuckle is 31 days, every month that lands on a groove between knuckles is 30 days (or 28 for February).


Plastic Bottles Models /247275835765607017/

I like how they use texture to create a rough and harsh texture on the model. I actually prefer the suspended model. It allows people to use their own imagination, view from all angle. Compared to model with a base, it restrict us.

2 Pleasant & Unpleasant Scent

Pleasant Scent

I think everyone that knows me well, will be aware that I love babies and kids. They just bring so much joy and happiness to people around them. I have a niece, I love her so much. When she was 6 months old, before entering poly, I took care of her for about 4 months. I always use Johnson’s baby wipes to clean her, so when she was younger she have a Johnson’s baby wet wipes smell. Now that she is bigger, she no longer have the smell, which I miss a lot. Whenever I see the wet wipes, it just reminds me of the happy memories.

Unpleasant Scent×800.jpg

My unpleasant scent is hair cream. Not that I dislike the smell. But it reminds me of when I was much younger. I shared the same room as my parents. My dad will put on hair cream, the smell of the hair cream is very strong. Whenever, I smell this smell, I know my dad is leaving for work. When I was young, I only want my parents to stay by my side. I do not understand will he have to work. Therefore, this smell gives me lots of unpleasant memory back then. Now that I have grown up, I understand that my dad works to support and give our family a better lifestyle.


Types of 2D & 3D Planes

There are 8 types of 2D and 3D planes. 2D planes consists of the straight axis, bend axis, curved axis and complex axis.  For 2D planes, the planes is fixed into a rectangle box. While 3D planes consists of the curved, broken, twisted and grouped planes.

For the assignment, we are suppose to create a interesting composition using different width planes. We have to be aware of the Dominant, Sub-dominant and Subordinate, making sure that it stays consistent throughout.

Sketch Model 1 


Sketch Model 2

Modify Sketch Model 1

Model 1

 I have trypophobia, therefore I use holes to represent my unpleasant scent.. My pleasant scent is baby wet wipes, it is soft and fluffy,  I tried use the soft and rounder edge to represent it.

However, the model is not that interesting as there is main focus. Everything is compact.


 After doing the first model, I am not satisfied. Therefore I tried to improve on it. I felt that the second model is more interesting and have a focus point.

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