Design with Considerations

Morphy Richards was founded as a manufacturing company in 1936 by Morphy, an engineer, and Richards a salesman. Their mission was to design aesthetic yet affordable electrical items for the average income family. As we can see that this kettle contains subtle curves at the body of the kettle and interesting handle as compared to other contemporary electric kettles in the market which normally place the handle at the side of the kettle. Also, this kettle seems to be stable with the wide base and low center of gravity which might make the users feel safe just by looking at its form. Its handle looks like a “ring” that connects to the body of the kettle. The “ring” element is also used in the design of the lid which makes the overall design friendly and lively as shapes like ellipses and ovals tend to express positive emotions. This kettle is also available in other earthy colours such as brown. The colour scheme and the matte finishing gives the electronic product some touches of nature. Therefore, I think that this product leans towards the Emotion in the diagram as its overall design focus more on the user’s feeling through the lines, shapes, mass, and colours, as well as by having the traditional kettle elements in the electric kettle design.

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