2D | forest gump meets guardians of the galaxy?!

I’ll be first working on the Guardians of the Galaxy Quote:
You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my walkman! 

Starting off, I worked on part of the quote “Squished my walkman”

I made an literal representation – A hand stretched out, holding a Sony Walkman (used by Starlord in the movie) in cracks, and pieces of it dropping down.
However, I felt that I wasn’t utilizing the full quote, as I left out the part of “killed my mother”.

Therefore, I came out with a second version.

For the second version, I added in gunshots and showing it being cracked.
But I felt that there is no representation of Starlord’s mother.

I explored the different abstract ways to represent mother/motherly love/love for mother.
I linked to how mother expresses love for their children, and the noble things they do for their children. Daily chores, such as cooking, cleaning are actions of love.
I also linked to Mother’s day, and the common gifts we purchase for the event. There are gifts such as necklace, earrings, or items our mothers need/want. Another common gift is flowers. Flowers are usually represented a way to show love, to girlfriends and mothers.
Thus, I decided to represent Starlord’s mother with a flower. I used a carnation flower, a flower most associated with mother’s day. It is said to be an emblem of mother love. I used a white carnation, as it’s given to mothers that passed on. I placed only one carnation, to show that Starlord only has one mother, and she is irreplaceable in his heart.  Exploring further, I came out with my third design. I used a white carnation with blood dripping down, causing a pool of blood at the bottom. This is my abstract breakdown of the first part of the quote – “Killed my mom.”

I used sound waves to represent “squished my walkman”, as music from the walkman generates sound waves. I attempted to use photoshop to make it look more squished up but I realised that it doesn’t look as squished as I expected.

Thus, I came up with another design!

My fourth design, uses the same flower, except a change in the background which represents “squished my walkman”.
Instead of sound waves, I used musical notes, as music from walkman has musical notes! Influenced by Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, I wanted to deform the musical notes to suit the text from the quote, just like how Salvador Dali liquefied the clocks to have a melting effect.

With the use of photoshop, I “squished” the musical notes, and upon viewing, it does have the “squished” effect. I arranged the musical notes in a random order, but realised that there is no focal point as it is messed up everywhere. Also, after consultation, I gathered feedback that it is hard to tell my carnation stalk from the rest, as there is too much black and white contrast. I headed to push on further to make the design better.

My fifth design, I changed to a different view of a carnation stalk. I feel that this stalk is way better than the previous, as it is easily depicted to be a flower. I also arranged the musical notes into a better arrangement, putting it at the bottom half of the page, and giving the effect that it’s emerging out of the pool of blood.

I feel that by giving the effect that it’s emerging out of the pool of blood, it depicts the story of Starlord way better.
The walkman, is a important asset of Starlord, as he had the device ever since his mother was alive. In his “Awesome mix”, there is also a song that is unique to Starlord’s parents’ love, and he is always hearing it. The walkman, is just like a representation of Starlord’s mum, which is why he carries it everywhere, and is insistent in not replacing it with a upgraded technology device.

By showing the musical notes emerging from the pool of blood, it can be inferred that the walkman existence and importance is because of Starlord’s mum.

However, I used color halftone on the musical notes, and felt that it didn’t really blend in with the pool of blood as the blood is fully black.

I went further in exploration and finally came out with the final design for the first quote!

Stay tuned to my final post!

Till then,

2D | forest Gump, movie, quotes, ABSTRACT?!?!

After a few days of rest, it’s time to kickstart the second project of 2D!
The project seems really exciting, with finding 4 movie quotes and then making it abstract.

So first up, I’ll be listing the 4 movie quotes that I will be working with!

Quote 1: You shouldn’t have killed my mum and squished my Walkman! 
This movie quote is from Guardians of the Galaxy, spoken by Starlord.

Quote 2: I want your eyes, man. I want those things you see through. 
This movie quote is from Get Out, spoken by Jim Hudson.

Image result for paprika movie
Quote 3: Science is nothing but a piece of trash before a profound dream. 
This movie quote is from Paprika, spoken by Seijiro Inui.

Image result for spirited awayQuote 4: Don’t worry! You’ve got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.
This movie quote is from Spirited Away, spoken by Chihiro’s father, Akio Ogino.

And that’s it for this post!
Till then,

4D | human+ the future of our species

A museum visit during school time?  Y A S.
It’s been long since I’ve visited a museum, and was really hyped for ASM (Arts Science Museum)

The exhibition we visited, was Human+, an exhibition on technological advancement.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of technology advancement, as I fear that this will affect survival of humans in future – especially with robots. But on the other hand, technological advancement is really good for the society, as it helps humans save a lot of trouble.

From this exhibition,  I was taken aback. I knew that technology was advancing in a fast-pace manner, but I didn’t know exactly how fast it was. Upon viewing the exhibitions, I realised there’s tons about technological advancement and science that I didn’t know about.

In this post, I’ll talk about 2 exhibition works that best caught my eye.

Stelarc’s Extra Ear, 2006

This exhibition stood out to me the most. In the gallery, there were images of a surgery procedure, with open wounds and insertion of a ear.
Initially, I thought that it was an operation to remove the ear. My first impression was that this artist was born with a ear attached on his arm, and wanted to document the procedure of removal.

Upon reading the text, it changed my perspective of the exhibition.  I didn’t expect a normal human would’ve wanted to implant a ear on themselves. Initially a little disgusted, I read further into it, and felt that it is pretty cool?! 
Experimenting on himself, he inserted a half surgical and half human ear into his arm, with the intent of making it functional. The surgery was done in 2006, and since then, the artist’s own tissue and blood morphed with the material of the ear, making it fully functional.
However, it is still unable to hear yet. But Stelarc hopes that one day it will be able to transmit sound from the ear, to humans all over the world.

This idea is unique, as it changes the usability of a ear. A hear is originally used for humans to listen, but Stelarc wants to make the ear a form of communication device, for him to communicate, instead of listening.

Aimee Mullins Cheetah Leg, 2001

My first impression of this exhibition was: “Is this where Kingsman got their idea from?”
In the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, there was a character, Gazelle, that has these legs, which made her invincible. Due to those “legs”, she could sprint and move faster than average.
Thus when I saw this exhibition, I had the idea that she could probably sprint faster than an average human. I thought that she had her legs amputated, as a form of experiment on herself.

But when I read the text, my impression changed again.
Turns out, she was born without fibulae on both legs, and has been walking on prosthetic legs since the age of 2.
Despite not having actual legs, she is an athlete, whom has been training since young. She is also now a model, modelling on runways at London.

Prosthetic legs, is a technological advancement that I feel is  very beneficial for the society. It gives people with disabilities hope, that with technology, their disability will not be an issue to their future.

With the invention of prosthetic legs, artists and scientists has also went further in development, coming up with prototypes that can be beneficial to just everyday life usage.

There were prototypes that instead of having hands, there were options to change it to cutlery, or hooks, for other purposes. Also, instead of making it functional, aesthetic purposes were also met.

Overall, from the exhibition, I had many learning points. I learnt more about technological and science advancement, and how far these advancements has been.

4D | distance makes the heart grow fonder… or disappear?