2D | reflecting ego

” Why did you choose to do 8-bit?
Because I like torturing myself. “

Finally, I’m done with Foundation 2D and the final project – EGO!
The journey was tough, but the final product was better than expected!
From the day I decided to to 8-bit, I knew it was the day I am doomed.

Informing my classmates about my choice of art style was hilarious.
They were all saying that I’m crazy for deciding to choose an art style is of a certain level of difficulty, what more I have never tried it before!
Even when consulting Prof Mimi, she told me that no one has ever done Project Ego in 8-bit art style before!
And that scares me…. If i screw it up, I am screwed.
But, I decided to go with my gut feeling, took a leap of faith and went ahead doing!

It was really tough doing 8-bit, as I had to colour in pixel by pixel, which meant – if I changed my design, it means I have to restart again, which happened.

I couldn’t decide on the layout and elements to put in, and I kept changing it, resulting in tons of time taken away, and I took a really long time finishing it.

But, seeing the final work, No regrets!

This project, is by far my favourite to work on for Foundation 2D!
I got to experiment freely, and play with colours, to bring out certain mood that I am going for or emotions that I want to evote – which is pretty cool.

Compared to the previous assignments, there was less restrictions in this, and it was really stunning to see the whole class’ work being hung out – each and everyone of us had such different and unique styles!!

Instructor’s Feedback

“Harmony of Colours evident
Could keep the fonts neutral.
Sleepyhead me could be improved. Smaller pixels.”
These were comments by Prof Mimi pre-critique!

I do agree that sleepyhead me could have been further improved, by maybe adding more elements in too! Right now, it seemed too plain, just with me sleeping (it’s not like i’m sleeping beauty right HAHA)

After sharing my project, Prof shared that maybe for the square of “Deadlines”, it would have been better if I didn’t cover the whole square just with the board of deadlines – which I have to agree with! Maybe adding a pair of hands, or other stationery/elements would’ve made it better!

Also, the fonts for the text could’ve been more neutral as it seemed too much with all the 8-bits everywhere!

The third row colours did not seem to complement very well either – & I agree. It didn’t look like what I perceived it to be! On my laptop the blue-green colour had more blue tinge, but it wasn’t really shown on the print-out! (Or maybe my spoilt laptop screen was showing me things :()

Prof Mimi also said that it was a steep road I took, from the consultation designs that I showed her, till presentation day, due to the drastic changes hahaha. But i’m glad, it all turned out well!

Peer Review 

Many reviews that I’ve gotten from my classmates are really positive!
Most of the comments are they liking the 8-bit pixel art style that I went for, and the neutral/pastel colour scheme I used!
Thanks friends for liking my 8-bit work! 

Further way of improvements

A way I know that I can work on, is my pixel art!!
As a first-timer, I’ll say that it isn’t that bad, but overall, it looks below average.
Instead of using the same size pixels, I kept switching around, resulting in a square having different sizes of pixels – which is something I should work on!

Next, it was something I realised too late.
While I was finishing up my last square, my friend taught me an easier way of doing 8-bit. But it was too late, as I had most of it done already!

If time allowed, I would’ve re-done everything in that same style, it would’ve saved tons of time and looked less messy!

Also, for colour-wise, I feel that I should’ve done more research into it, especially on the usage of complementary colours. Complementary colours are a real tough play, as one step of going wrong might result in the whole row looking weird and inconsistent – which is what happened to my Equation 3! 

All in all, thank you Foundation 2D, for bringing me on an exploration journey where I got to experiment and know more about my art style and drill my creativity and artistic talent!

Till then,

2D | final ego

I am finally done with all my 4 equations!
8-bit took a painstakingly long time to finish, but I’m pretty impressed with how the results turned out!
I used a pastel/neutral colour palette for my squares.

The title of my Project, is life of an arts student in university, based on online memes.
There are 4 outcomes, What I think, What my parents think, What society thinks, and What actually happens.

Equation 1: Me, from a business background + Learning basic design skills = What I think

For Equation 1, I placed the squares of me, from a business background, presenting a marketing proposal, as I was from a business student back in Poly days. + when I came to NTU ADM, my perception of ADM was that it’s a platform that I learn basic design skills and then, 4 years later, I’ll graduate!
I thought that University Life was actually that easy for an arts student! (But i am obviously very very wrong 🙁 )

For colours wise, I used mostly pastel reds and blues, as NTU’s convocation consists of mainly those colours. Also, red represents passion – and I used it to signify my passion for designing.

Image result for pastel colour palette red blue

This color palette is where I referenced my colours from! They belong to the analogous harmony.

Equation 2: Me, still a child to my parents + Receiving pocket money = What my parents think

For Equation 2, I started with a young character of me, portrayed as still a kid in my parent’s eyes. With receiving pocket money from my parents, it leads to the last square of What my parents think – of me using the money they gave to go drinking and clubbing.

Colour-wise, I used monochromatic blue palette!


This is my reference palette! The reason I chose blue, is because the good emotions it evotes are love, which in this case, my parents love for me. But, it also evotes negative emotions, like fear – which can also be interpreted here, due to my parent’s fear of me wasting money and playing around, instead of concentrating on my studies.

Equation 3: Artsy fartsy me + Doing well in an arts course = What society thinks

For Equation 3, I defined myself as artsy fartsy – someone whose very artistic, + doing well in an arts course (ADM), being first and having GPA (exaggerating a little too much) = What society thinks, that I’ll be living on the streets, being a spray painter.

For the last square, the reason for putting a spray painter for What Society thinks, is because of the societal norm. There are still people whom are not very accepting of the arts industry, and whenever I say i’m from an arts course, their first reply, was “What future do you have?”
It always seem that arts have no future!!! Also, an inside joke between my friends and I when we went to Melbourne, they jokingly asked me if that’s my future job when we passed by Hosier Lane witnessing many artist spray painting. Thus, I decided to use spray painting artists as a meme of having no future for an arts student.

For the colours, I used Complementary harmony.
Image result for pastel colour palette red blue

This is the colour palette that I referenced from. The reason of having orange, was due to the emotion related to it – ignorance. I feel that many people in the society are still ignorant to what art students actually does, and what holds in the future of art students!

Equation 4: 

The final equation, is what actually happens in the life of an ADM student.
Being a sleepyhead me, I require tons of sleep everyday! (I can literally sleep the whole day away if I have no alarms hahaha)
But with overloading deadlines to meet and the tons of assignments to do, it leads to what actually happens – the reality 🙁
The reality is me, at 530AM, still trying to multitask between rushing assignments and studying for quiz, and trying to survive on coffee.
Meanwhile, I am thinking of sleep, and food (cuz it’s an unearthly hour and it’s hard to get food!!!) Also, I am missing my social life and the time spent with my friends!

For the colours, I used Warm Analogous Harmony, but based mainly on browns.


This is the colour palette I referenced from!
I chose warm colours, as it gives me a feeling of reality, which links to my equation!

And that’s it for the last project of Foundation 2D!
Stay tuned to my next post on the post-review reflection!

Till then,