VC II | infographic poster


Child sexual abuse are more common amongst us than we know, but are usually unreported and not as known due to family reasons. Despite that, we should encourage victims to speak out, and educate their parents about these situations.

OBJECTIVES: The infographic aims to educate the audience on child sexual abuse, and the statistics of sexual abuse cases. It also shows the symptoms of child sexual abuse and the outcomes from the incidents.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Children aged 6 to 12 and their parents


Rough sketches for my infographic layout!

I decided to go with a landscape layout for the infographic and started drawing out graphics to include.


draft 1

I started out with the information I wanted to put on the infographic, and played with the layout of it.


I proceeded to tidy up the poster and grouped them with line borders, and changed the graphics.



I came up with my own graphics and placed them in, with the usage of colour filled boxes as groups for different sections of information. I played around with the layout before reaching the final layout.


The overall print out colour of my infographic was darker than on screen, and the contrast was not as obvious, and the black text could not really be seen. Also, the characters had the same face which was a little weird!

That’s it for the infographic!

Till then,