Final project 2D- Ego

Final Project – EGO

In this work, the equations tell the audience a story of me being in different situations, displaying my characters.


References & Research

Upon receiving the brief, I’m determined to work on a paper cut work as I want to challenge myself and I want to work with a traditional medium. I manage to search for a few references of paper cut works which further motivates me to go with the medium.


Not to forget, research on the meaning of colors. The emotions and meaning each color gives plays a part in this work.


Selecting colors are the hardest part of the process, as it requires detail and using the paper cutting method, papers used are mostly colored paper/ construction paper which leaves me with minimal choices when selecting the specific shades of color.

The color combination I decided to use is complementary and analogous colors as it gives the contrast I want my work to have, which is the ‘ Pop-art’ style. Below are references for the color combination selected.

These are the shelves of color paper at Artfriend, I spent about almost an hour just selecting the right shade of paper.


Images are selected to narrate different situations for each frame. The threshold effect is added to bring out the outline for the paper cutting process of the images, and give it a ‘pop-art look’.

After being printed, the images are paste onto a black card paper. Frames are then cut out individually divided into layers, backgrounds, and pop-ups elements.

Color paper are then pasted and further cutting is done. This process are repeated in layers until all the colors are filled in.


Pop up method are used for the main characters/elements that I want the audience to focus on. This gives the work the extra height/depth which pushes the ‘Pop-art’ style more.

Final Work


In the first set, colors used are complementary color. Blue(represents coldness & sad) + Orange (Sluggishness). The combination of the two colors is shown at the final product of the sad, ‘ Sadder me’. Frame 1 has the monochromatic color of blue and Frame 2, monochromatic color of orange which then results in Frame 3, which is the combination of both colours.

Sad me + Being comfort = Sadder me



The second set, the complementary color of Red (represents danger and warning) and green are used. In this set, I’m trying to portray how food buffet actually makes me happy when I’m hungry. Frame 1 has the monochromatic color of red and Frame 2, monochromatic color of green which then results in Frame 3, which is the combination of both colours.

Hungry me + Food Buffet = Happy me



The third set, the complementary color are also used which is the complementary of purple and yellow. This set depicts me and my love for toys. Frame 1 has the monochromatic color of purple (represents ambition) and Frame 2, monochromatic color of yellow (represents bright and happiness) which then results in Frame 3, which is the combination of both colours.

21 Years old me + Toy shop = Kiddie me



Lastly, for the 4th set, I decided to apply analogous color to the frames, the colors of green(discord / jealousy) and blue(represents spirit and determination). Frame 1 has the monochromatic color of green and Frame 2, monochromatic color of blue which then results in Frame 3, which is the combination of both colours.

Angry me + Training = Hardcore fighter



Overall, I really enjoyed the process of this work. Even though it was very detailed and a lot of strength and patience needed in cutting out the frames layer by layer, portraying myself in the work, I really am proud and happy with the final outcome. And I believe there are some areas that I can improve on, based on the reviews given by the lecturer and my classmates. Some areas that I can improve on are the illustration of the different situations so that it is clearer for the audience to understand and the presentation of the final outcome, having the right colored backboard to push the contrast of the work more.

Project 2- Forest Gump – Final Outcome . Research . Process

Artist reference

Upon receiving the brief, I started looking for various artist reference to get inspiration from. Below are some amazing works that I really like and really amaze me. I then start exploring for quotes to work on.

Image link:
Image link:


Image link:

Process and Final Work

After selecting the best 4 quotes, I proceed to work on each of them.


Quote 1 :

 “You let this little thing tell you what to do?” 

– Wonder Woman, 2017






That was the conversation between Diana and Steve before the quote was said. From the quote, I wanted to show how a clock is actually telling a human what to do. As said by Steve,  ” it tells time when to eat, sleep, wake up, work..”

For the first exploration, I decided to design a clock in an eye, to show a hypnotized eye. As we know, the idea of a person who is hypnotized can be ordered around. Therefore, I’m trying to portray the eye being hypnotized by a clock.

I then start to explore further. Our human brain is the one that tells us what to do and direct our body. In this design, I replaced the human brain with a clock, where it is the one controlling the human.

A step closer to the final work, I design a clock with its  “hand” showing a form of point or order and finally, I used a crowd of ‘zombie looking’ humans to show how true the fact that the clock tell us what to do and how we are controlled by time in our daily life. I then included a lady who is out of the ‘ordered’/ ‘hypnotized’ zone with a “why?” expression to represent Diana. And at the bottom, a guy who facepalm himself, represent Steve who just realized the truth of the question thrown at him.

Selected design to be silkscreen printed on tote bag


Quote 2 : 

“I am the man who can”

– Wonder Woman, 2017


I was truly inspired by this quote. It was stated during the movie when Diana was so ready to face and stop the war that is happening. Knowing that there is nothing much done by the army troop, she steps forward and fought the enemies to help the people around her. What I visualized from the quote, is to show how much more strength there is in a lady compared to a man.

The first exploration, I wanted to show a strong and brave lady that has a biceps of a few heavy working guys, to show the strength of a lot of men is equivalent to her biceps strength.

A step closer to the final work, I decided to then add the element of war to relate it more to the movie. Having a lady wearing a soldier helmet and waiting to be hit by bullets and bombs, this shows how much she is willing to face. Finally, I added a troop of army retreating from the war, while the lady in is taking the hits from the weapons but still look calm. So she is the man who can.


Quote 3 : 

“There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.”

-Kung Fu Panda, 2008

This Quote was said during a scene where ‘PO’ (kungfu panda) who finally receive a secret scroll that was thought to have a secret to being the ‘dragon warrior’. However, when the scroll was opened, there was nothing in it. Except for a reflective surface, like a mirror, so all he can see was himself. He then visits his dad, who is known for his famous soup, to tell him about the secret scroll and how disappointed he is. And when he thought his dad was going to comfort him and tell him his ‘secret ingredient’ for his famous soup, the quote was what he said. “There is no secret’s just you”

This quote I wanted to show that, he himself is the secret ingredient as stated by his dad, “it’s just you.” For the first exploration, I placed a panda in a salt/pepper bottle to show that its a panda seasoning. However, for the final work, I portray a panda throwing himself inside the soup after knowing that ‘he’ is the secret ingredient. And an opened scroll thrown under the bowl to represent the secret scroll.




Quote 4 : 

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

– Wonder Woman, 2017

This quote was said to Diana (Wonderwoman) by her general. Not knowing that she was different, she never knows how much power she has since young. Therefore, I portray her in a form of kitten, which is what she thinks she is. And her power is represented by the lion in the kitten’s roar. An inner strength she did not know. I added the headband of wonder woman and a cape to add the elements of the movie itself.



What can I improve on?

Probably I would like to explore the layout of images more instead of just playing with a centralized layout and explore more effects on the images. Currently, most of the works are layered with threshold effect and just a bit of halftone effect. I would also explore more of the usage of halftone effect.

Project 1- My line is Emo- Final work

Throughout the process of creating my final work, I have definitely learned a lot on mark making techniques. And this is through experimenting with different materials and techniques. Here is my Final work which based on a concept that is close to my heart,  a Journey of a friendship where there are sweet and bitter moments :

Final work



Using black pastel paper, liquid paper, and white chalk. Fondness is an affection or liking for someone. Curve flow lines that just fits nicely the represent the click that presence in a friendship. ANd the smooth effect from white chalk to show a soothing effect which represents how pleasing to be with a friend your treasure.



Using a hair roller brush and white paper. Surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event/fact. The circular effect represents drops of different surprises that come in a friendship, some can be more surprising which is represented by the thicker lines and less surprising one is represented by the thinner lines.



Using lino pad print and making it into a collage on a newsprint paper. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being. Using a collage method as to me happiness is a collage of different joyful event and moments where each carved in different ways. Together,  its a collage of happiness.



Using tissue and paint brush. Worry, feeling that cause anxious or troubled about. The will always be a point in a friendship where you are worried for the one precious friend of yours when your loved ones are in danger. This is represented by the circular frame surrounding a single circle which shows the building of worry and that is surrounded by fear. And the fine and thicker lines represent the triggering uneasiness when worrying.



Using white paper and a hairbrush. Sympathy is feeling of pity and sorrow for someone else. Knowing that your loved ones only trust you to share their problems with and needs you to be there for them. Someone they can rely on. A dark point represents the reason that may cause someone to leave a friendship, however, it is covered or overpowered by a larger white space with calmer curves which represent sympathy. A lighter feeling that can overpower the negativity,



Using tracing paper to create a to layer effect, inking the back and the front side of the paper. After going through all the worry and pain, this shows an effect of inner and outer pain. Torment is a severe physical or mental suffering. The thicker and outer splashes of ink show the pain from the outer side, which causes a deeper and growth of more pain in the inner side (mentally and emotionally).


Final work process:

Final work Reflection:

After going through the process of creating my final work, I have definitely learned a lot on mark making techniques. Working on a concept close to my heart, allows me to express it in my works. Even though I am satisfied with my final work, I still think that there’s a lot I can improve on. Seeing my classmate’s work, I am open to different styles and ideas for me to learn from and apply in future projects. Feedbacks from Lecturer and Classmates can also be used to further improve my works. Mostly are positive feedbacks. Here are some notes/feedbacks to take away from, can see my own style throughout the different emotions, there is consistency, However, need to explore more different layouts (e.g. Asymmetrical, symmetrical vertical and horizontal) rather than just doing a central layout, more variety of styles, play with negative space. Therefore, how I can improve further for this project, is to explore more styles and methods rather than just working within my own style.

Project 1 – Emo – Process

For the first 2 weeks after the brief was given, I started on exploration and ideation for my final work. Where I tried different techniques and methods.

Week 2:

In week 2, we were given our first lesson on mark making, where we brought a few mark making tools for us to explore the various techniques. Below are my exploration process and some of the outcomes of the different mark making tools I use.

Lino card
 Hair brush roller
Shaker bottle filter
rubber bands



Week 3:

In week 3, I did some self-exploration for mark making. Trying out different textured and material of paper and technique of inking. I also challenge myself to use fire as one of the mark making tools. However, I find that it wasn’t suitable for me as I find it hard to direct. Below are the outcomes of my further exploration of emotions and how it visually looks to me-

crumpled and textured paper is used for further exploration.
Burning technique


Cai Guo-qiang, Homeland.

The gunpowder-on-paper work was created on September 25, 2013 for Christie’s inaugural Shanghai auction, where it will be sold for charity.

Cai Guo-qiang, Homeland. The gunpowder-on-paper work was created on September 25 –