Applied illustrations- Process & Ideation

IDEA Introduction

Express Yourself is a mental health/stress management awareness event for tertiary students. An event filled with fun activities, consultation booths, talks given by professional student counsellors and also sharing session from students experiencing stress with school, on how they overcome it. This event is to spread positivity and ensure students know that expressing themselves at the right platform may help them ease their education journey.

Target Audience

Tertiary/ART Students [age 18 – 25]

– Polytechnics & Universities

User Persona:

4 Illustrated Collaterals


– Do nut[not] worry (Nuts flavour)

– Enough to milk[make] you happy (Milk flavour)

– The raisin[reason] to make you smile (Raisin flavour)

– The raisin[reason] not to go nuts[crazy]!(Raisin&Nuts flavour)

– Bitter[Better] make you feel good! (Dark Choco flavour)

Visual inspiration


PROGRESS sketches


Expression Sketches


VAROOM-Sketches & Final work

I decided to work on an article “Facebook censoring a 30 000 years old Willendorf statue” and I think it would be fun to play with the censorship issue for uncovered historic statues that also faces censorship issues. With the theme “PLAY” chosen, I tried giving this statues a moment of life similar to humans! Making David the mischievous one and Venus de milo telling him to shut up. Here my sketches towards the final product!






Assignment 1: Inanimate Portrait – Final work


A foodie rider represented by a vrooming BURGER Bike. Going on a trippy road trip juggling my favourite snack and noodle cup! As we know, life ain’t a smooth road. Holes designed with white paint splatter presenting the tough side in my journey.


A portrait of a very talented lady who is really into crafting. Not forgetting her love for Japan and Washi tapes presented by pen, marker and paper cutting art. Using non digital medium to really represents her love for craft. Origami of Sakura flowers to emphasise on who she would love to visit Japan again during spring!


Assignment 1: Research and Process

Bringing forward the Interview answers here my research process for both Portraits.


  • Eating: Maggie, snacks, fast food
  • Love how food sparks Happiness, a ‘guilty pleasure’, balancing food intake.
  • Riding is a dream came true. Love my cute scooter! 
Supersize Them: Fast Food Illustrations by Mr. Misang

Portrait (Vanessa)

  • Crafting: Resin crafting, Polymer clay, Origami
  • Journalling: travel journalling or bullet journalling
  • Spending time with family(Games/Card Games)
  • Love Japan! Want to visit Japan during Spring.


Japanese Papercut Street. Dotonbori Osaka