Locale Joo Chiat Final: My Pun-ny thoughts at Joo Chiat




Peer critics and Reflection:

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the final outcome although there are areas that I can improve on. Firstly, I’m glad I’ve taken the decision of making a big change of style and direction. It’s been a fruitful process.

Some of the critics I got were

“Love the Lame Puns”: Glad they actually like the puns even though it’s not that Pun-ny (funny) get it? haha. And some do say that they understand what I’m trying to tell through the texts and with the support of the visuals.

Can explore Typography more: I agree with it, one of my weak skills are typography and I hope I could learn more and core on Typography in the future to further develop my design.

The last page seems off from the rest due to its colors: I just realized that the last 2 pages are a little off due to the sudden usage of a strong color as a background. However, I did apply a little of the same color on the previous 2 pages. But I agree that it does affect the consistency of the colors in the Zine.

Zine does show the identity of the location: I’m glad that everyone manages to get the identity of the location through the zine, however, there is still more aspect of portraying the identity of Joo Chiat that I can explore.

The Idea of an open and close window for the front and back page was good: Didn’t expect anyone to notice that small detailed I’ve put on my zine. However, I’m glad that someone actually notices it and pointed it out with a positive feedback.

I appreciate the critics given knowing that I still have areas that I can actually improve on. Besides that, I’m also glad to see the various styles and works from my classmates. It was surely an eye-opening assignment exposing me to see that I could even step out furthermore from my comfort zone.

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