Project 1- My line is Emo- Final work

Throughout the process of creating my final work, I have definitely learned a lot on mark making techniques. And this is through experimenting with different materials and techniques. Here is my Final work which based on a concept that is close to my heart,  a Journey of a friendship where there are sweet and bitter moments :

Final work



Using black pastel paper, liquid paper, and white chalk. Fondness is an affection or liking for someone. Curve flow lines that just fits nicely the represent the click that presence in a friendship. ANd the smooth effect from white chalk to show a soothing effect which represents how pleasing to be with a friend your treasure.



Using a hair roller brush and white paper. Surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event/fact. The circular effect represents drops of different surprises that come in a friendship, some can be more surprising which is represented by the thicker lines and less surprising one is represented by the thinner lines.



Using lino pad print and making it into a collage on a newsprint paper. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being. Using a collage method as to me happiness is a collage of different joyful event and moments where each carved in different ways. Together,  its a collage of happiness.



Using tissue and paint brush. Worry, feeling that cause anxious or troubled about. The will always be a point in a friendship where you are worried for the one precious friend of yours when your loved ones are in danger. This is represented by the circular frame surrounding a single circle which shows the building of worry and that is surrounded by fear. And the fine and thicker lines represent the triggering uneasiness when worrying.



Using white paper and a hairbrush. Sympathy is feeling of pity and sorrow for someone else. Knowing that your loved ones only trust you to share their problems with and needs you to be there for them. Someone they can rely on. A dark point represents the reason that may cause someone to leave a friendship, however, it is covered or overpowered by a larger white space with calmer curves which represent sympathy. A lighter feeling that can overpower the negativity,



Using tracing paper to create a to layer effect, inking the back and the front side of the paper. After going through all the worry and pain, this shows an effect of inner and outer pain. Torment is a severe physical or mental suffering. The thicker and outer splashes of ink show the pain from the outer side, which causes a deeper and growth of more pain in the inner side (mentally and emotionally).


Final work process:

Final work Reflection:

After going through the process of creating my final work, I have definitely learned a lot on mark making techniques. Working on a concept close to my heart, allows me to express it in my works. Even though I am satisfied with my final work, I still think that there’s a lot I can improve on. Seeing my classmate’s work, I am open to different styles and ideas for me to learn from and apply in future projects. Feedbacks from Lecturer and Classmates can also be used to further improve my works. Mostly are positive feedbacks. Here are some notes/feedbacks to take away from, can see my own style throughout the different emotions, there is consistency, However, need to explore more different layouts (e.g. Asymmetrical, symmetrical vertical and horizontal) rather than just doing a central layout, more variety of styles, play with negative space. Therefore, how I can improve further for this project, is to explore more styles and methods rather than just working within my own style.