Deliverable 1: “A Little to make a difference” Campaign Poster & Banner

A Reminder

-Sometimes all they need is a reminder(Visual Campaigns)

There are already so many available associations and charity boards, there is no point in setting up another one. It’s about encouraging one to start giving. As we can see so many campaigns out there in Singapore. Campaigns on saving the earth, saving water, being kind campaign and health promotion campaigns. There are┬ánot many campaigns on poverty encouraging people to give or help the committee living in poverty.

Solution: A poverty campaign that encourages the audience to be a part of giving! And know that a little help matters. They don’t have to give much.

First Mock-up

Answering Candice question on why are the hands huge in the posters making it ironic with the idea of “little” in the poster. What I wanted to emphasize were the items that the hands are holding. Which is small if it is hand size. Therefore, representing the idea of ‘little’. The little you give matters.


Poster 1: Food drives
Poster 2: Clothing drives
Poster 3: Charity
Poster 4: Volunteering work
Poster 5: General rectangle banner
Poster 6: General square banner



Posters and Banners published in public areas such as bus stops and MRT stations.