Project 3 – Sequential


  1. A particular order in which related things follow each other.
  2. A set of related events, movements, or items that follow each other in a particular order.

Upon receiving this project, the requirement of ‘sleep’ immediately reminds me of people sleeping on the train. So, for this project, its a storyline I wanted to portray the motion of people when they sleep on the train, we usually notice them nodding their head, bowing and swaying to the sides.  Therefore, this sequence started off with me falling asleep on the train where I then traveled to 3 different events in a dream. A rock concert, a Japanese geisha position and a water park where I took a ride.

As you can see all these events contributed to the motion/movement of head and body which relates to how people sleep on the train.

Rock concert: Headbanging

Geisha: Bowing

Waterpark: Swaying to the right and left


Besides the trouble of taking a lot a lot a lot of images, I really enjoyed the process of this project. Role-playing the different characters and putting the image together as a sequence, I’m happy with the end product of the project.