Project 2- Text and Image- Development+ Final work

The product I got is an Ayam Brand Tomato Sardine. I wanted to create an advertisement poster that people will keep in mind when they think of sardine. So, I decided to use a pun in my slogan give it a greater impact on the audience.

Ad references:

I then researched on the product listed out the words that I can use for this Ad to direct me. Below are the words I listed out:

  • Sardine
  • Tomato
  • Wild catch
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • No msg
  • No preservative
  • Ayam brand

I then work on a few slogans for the ad

“From the top of my head To-ma-toes… I mean tail”

– The sardine

This slogan, I want to emphasize on the product that comes with tomato sauce. Telling viewers that its covered fully and the freshly squeezed tomato is to represent the quality of the tomato sauce.


Sardine(sudden) hunger? Ayam(I am) the one you need”

This slogan, I want to promote on how fast and easy to overcome a sudden case of hunger. The fact that sardine in a tin can be the easiest food to have.

Sardinely(certainly) what you need!”

This slogan, I want to get it to the viewer that the sardine is what they need.


I then make some sketches of how I want the visuals to represent the product/slogan

Final Product

Final Project 4: Sounds of Asia (Singapore)

Project title: Sounds of Asia (Singapore)

Group Members: Jannah, Zafirah & Khairunisa

Sounds of Singapore is an interactive installation that shares a part of Singapore history and identity. Singapore, being a trading port, it is known for its multiracial community. Having the 4 main culture/race in Singapore, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian, this installation is to project the different identity of each race.

Choosing the pond area of ADM, we decided to focus on the idea of boats as one of the visual representation of each culture as it is relatable to the water.


Cultural boats

Traditional Instruments

Chinese: Guzheng

Indian: Tabla

Eurasian: Balalaika

Malay: Gamelan


Visual and sound projection






Visual and sound Projections

Final work

How it works.

The moment user steps in the installation, it will activate. And a scenery of a jetty can be seen projected on the walls of the hut along with the sound of ocean. There will be bowls/ pottery of the different culture hanging in the hut. The moment users touch the bowls/pottery, a visual projection, representing the specific culture will be projected and the traditional instrumental music will be played along. (As shown in video above)


Project 3 – Sequential


  1. A particular order in which related things follow each other.
  2. A set of related events, movements, or items that follow each other in a particular order.

Upon receiving this project, the requirement of ‘sleep’ immediately reminds me of people sleeping on the train. So, for this project, its a storyline I wanted to portray the motion of people when they sleep on the train, we usually notice them nodding their head, bowing and swaying to the sides.  Therefore, this sequence started off with me falling asleep on the train where I then traveled to 3 different events in a dream. A rock concert, a Japanese geisha position and a water park where I took a ride.

As you can see all these events contributed to the motion/movement of head and body which relates to how people sleep on the train.

Rock concert: Headbanging

Geisha: Bowing

Waterpark: Swaying to the right and left


Besides the trouble of taking a lot a lot a lot of images, I really enjoyed the process of this project. Role-playing the different characters and putting the image together as a sequence, I’m happy with the end product of the project.

Art Science Museum Visit

Transfigurations, 2013

This work is sculptures of babies that are modified physically. The sculptures looked real as you can see the flash and skin of the baby being modified. When I first saw the work, I knew it must be something about baby modification as I slowly observe the differences of each baby. I was horrified by the modification made. I felt sorry for them. The choice of making the sculpture as real as it can, really affect the viewer more. , However,  I didn’t know what was the reason behind the modification until I read the descriptions. Its a modification that is able to bring benefits for the baby in the future, however, it is deforming the kid permanently physically. The main question stated on the wall beside the work was ” Should parents be allowed to choose their children’s genetic traits?”. As I further read the different benefits I slowly start to see the reason behind the work.


Self-Hybridation, Entre-Deux (Self- Hybridization, In-between), 1994

This is a work of lightbox digital photography. When I first saw the work, I totally have no idea what is it about. It only reminds me of an exorcist scene in a horror film. I was curious and confused. I slowly take my time and observe the work more and then I noticed the different layers of images there is in this work. Clearly, we can see another lady behind. Why are they layered? What is the reason for this? I then proceed to read the descriptions to answer all my questions. It is a portrait of a lady who underwent a series of ‘plastic surgery’ digitally to achieve the ideal of female beauty as depicted by the male artist. A chin of Botticelli’s Venus, the nose of Jean- Leon Gerome’s psyche and many more characters that have different stories related to them. Maybe if there was a title something like “Perfect lady” / “Am I pretty already?” would help me in understanding the work first without reading the descriptions.

Project 2: Memories that stays

Memories that stays

A walk pass the memory lane of my mum’s childhood. Experience the sound and feel as she tells the story of all the unforgettable memories.


The End



Soundtrack link:


Foundation 4D- Reading Assignment

Pre-Seminar Task 

Impulse installation-the Streets of Montreal

Impulse is an interactive sound art installation from the collaboration between CS Design and Toronto-based Lateral Office, on the Streets of Montreal. It’s an installation of 30 interactive lighted seesaws. It requires 2 people to be on the seesaw to activate it. Once activated it will begin to produce sound resulting in various musical harmonies when as more seesaws are being activated. This Installation promotes public participation and not only that it gives users an experience they will truly remember. Using seesaw as one of the elements which are a childhood relatable item really brings the attraction for users and also using sound as a product they can produce just by playing a seesaw is an interactive process which users will enjoy.

Garden of Russolo – Yuri Suzuki

Garden russolo is an interactive sound installation by Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki. The installation allows visitors to have a sonic and interactive experience using their own voice. This is how it works, as users speak into the speaker, it would produce back a modified sound using the user’s voice. Different sound box produces different modification of sound. It is an interesting installation which requires users to participate and experience it themselves. An experience where the user feels they have produced something unique when interacting with the installation itself.

Seminar Questions

  1. What is sound? – The direct definition of sound is a vibration that travels through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. Sound can be something soothing or something dreadful to the ears. It can be produced by anything. It’s a product of two objects come in contact. It requires an effort, force, and an impact to produce sound.
  2. How has it been use in culture and society? – Sound is used as a form of alert, signal or even delivering a message in culture and society. It’s there in our daily life. The sound from our phone notification, a sound that is produced on a lift button to alert us. The sound produced by a traffic light to deliver us an alert, a message that we need to speed up as we cross the traffic. ASound is also used for entertainment or even to fulfil a religion rituals.
  3. What makes it an art? – Its when sound is used for an experience. When it is not only about a purpose. It doesn’t need to have a purpose to be used or produced. It can become art when different sounds are being produced at the same time or the process of producing the sound itself and how the sounds are produced. In what form do the sounds turn out. The exploration of the loudness of the sound and even the length and beat of the sound.
  4. How does advancement in audio technology affect our sense? – Audio technology exposes our sense to something new, something that is not natural. It is something modified which means it alerts the human sense that its something different and unique therefore attracting us to further listen and which then be brought to a different sense.

Foundation 4D: Project 2, Image and text

The food item I have received is an Ayam Brand can of Sardines in tomato sauce. Here’s a picture of it that I took.

After researching on the product itself, I can already list out some words that are associated with the product. Here are some of the words:

  • Sardine
link image:
  • Tomato

The Sardine comes in a tomato sauce. What’s best to show tomato sauce other than a tomato? maybe Tomato puns?

link image:
link image:
  • Wild Catch Sardine

Ayam brand sardine product uses wild catch sardines. Here’s a literal image of wild catch fishes.

link image:
  • Calcium

It’s stated on product site that the sardine contains 2 times more calcium than milk. Calcium can be represented by milk.

link image:
  • Iron, Magnesium & Zinc

Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc can all the find in the product. However, this images below shows literal metals (cannot be eaten) it can represent the nutrients in the product well.

ling image:
link image:
link image:
  • No Msg, No Preservative
link image:
  • Ready to eat

When it comes to sudden hunger, we will need a fast and ready to eat food. Hungry visual can help support the main product.

link image:



Here are some of the Sardine ads out there:

link image:
link image:
link image:

Project 1B: Paradox

Inspired by how Singaporeans love food, I use myself to represent it in this work of mine. Using visual paradox, framing and juxtaposing, this work shows the story of ‘giant me’ discovering a hot steaming pool of floating salted egg Pau. And just trying to reach out for it despite being separated by the buildings and trees. That shows how far Singaporeans would actually travel to fulfill their craving for food!

The process taken are, taking different shots of photographs: Building at Bishan, salted egg pau, trees, my own picture and my hand. After pictures are selected, they are then cropped and collage into an image using photoshop.


Project 1a: Strange Encounter

The strange world I woke up to is a Trash pit where I was then approached by 3 Creatures that looks very familiar but there was something wrong with them. My idea is to create characters that are related to our daily lives, something that is common for us. I decided to explore my creativity and pick 3 familiar junk items and bring them to life! The first one we have ‘The screamin can’, it is crushed cola can with a measuring tape tongue sticking out as he screams! Second, we have ‘Smoochie banana’ that can be explained by the huge lips he has. Smoochie banana is a rotten banana with fence teeth and bottle cap eye. Lastly, ‘ Funky brushy’ an old, worn out brush with buttons eye and carrot arm. As you can see all 3 creatures has only one foot which makes it hard and slow for them travel around the trash pit.

Some of the process taken are, finding of images, cropping and photoshop them into a collage creatures and lastly adding an effect to ensure consistent visual feels.

Reading Assignment: Roland Barthes Rhetoric of the Image

What are some of the key questions Barthes aims to investigate in the article?

Barthes aims to investigate the meaning of an image. How the message reaches the viewer, does it really shows in terms literal or symbolic? Are there actually codes in an image and how does meaning gets into the image.

What are some of the key terms/ concepts introduced and discussed?

Linguistic message: a first message, its support are the caption which is marginal, and the labels, these being inserted into the natural disposition the scene.

Iconic message: A certain informational matter that we need to further read and understand that it assembles in a common space number of identifiable objects, not merely shapes and colors. Real objects.

Lexicon: A portion of the symbolic plane (of language) which corresponds to a body of practices and techniques.

Polysemous: They imply, underlying their signifiers, a ‘floating chain’ of signified, the reader able to choose some and ignore the others. It poses a question of meaning and this question always comes through as a dysfunction.

Do you agree or disagree with his argument and point of view?

I do agree with his point as an image is not just for aesthetic purposes, it has a message/ meaning to tell. And it has to really reach the viewer the way it’s supposed to tell.

Provide a brief analysis (200 words) on an advertisement of your choice by using the terms/ concepts proposed by Barthes and discuss the role of text and its relationship with the image in the advertisement. Please include an image the advertisement in your post.

Global Warming PSA Project-Ferdi Rizkiyanto

This is a global warming awareness poster by Ferdi Rizkiyanto for a Global Warming PSA Project. The linguistic message shown is “We are running out of time…Act now before it’s too late”. Its role is to support and further pushes out the meaning of the iconic message that already explains the meaning of the image itself. For example, the hourglass, clearly it represents ‘running out of time’ and as we can see the top half of the hourglass shows a melting Antarctic dripping water into the other half of the hourglass which the city we live in, filling it up. This shows the effect of global warming on us which is rising of sea water level. Therefore, the text is in a small and thin font as it’s not really needed to shout out the message of the image.