Project 1a: Strange Encounter

The strange world I woke up to is a Trash pit where I was then approached by 3 Creatures that looks very familiar but there was something wrong with them. My idea is to create characters that are related to our daily lives, something that is common for us. I decided to explore my creativity and pick 3 familiar junk items and bring them to life! The first one we have ‘The screamin can’, it is crushed cola can with a measuring tape tongue sticking out as he screams! Second, we have ‘Smoochie banana’ that can be explained by the huge lips he has. Smoochie banana is a rotten banana with fence teeth and bottle cap eye. Lastly, ‘ Funky brushy’ an old, worn out brush with buttons eye and carrot arm. As you can see all 3 creatures has only one foot which makes it hard and slow for them travel around the trash pit.

Some of the process taken are, finding of images, cropping and photoshop them into a collage creatures and lastly adding an effect to ensure consistent visual feels.

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