Final Project- MULAN Goldberg structure


Goldberg structure

For this final Goldberg machine project, I have chosen the scene from MULAN where she makes the decision of replacing her father to serve the army. It was an intense scene, it was raining and she took a lot of courage to cut off her hair and leave her home. For the structure, I have inserted a rain stick to represent the sound of the scene. The bell representing the decision she has made followed by a hair dropping down which is the moment she cuts off her hair. The stairs at the end depict the scene where she goes off with the horse. As you can see the Goldberg system starts off with a white marble which represents Mulan and it ended off with a metal ball which represent her already in her father’s armor suit.



I started off with cutting and drilling of wood to build the frame of structure.

Then I build the content of the structure according to the scene of the movie. wood blocks, wire cage, and wire casing were used in the development.

Finally, added some aesthetic touch to the structure to make the scene more visual.



FOUNDATION 3D – Structure

Strength and Elegance

When I was given a choice to choose something that meaningful to me, I chose a bracelet that is given by my mum. Being a fan of wonder woman, I have always wanted to have a powerful bracelet like her. This bracelet means a lot to me and it sure is powerful, it has a deeper meaning to it besides being an accessory. To me, it symbolizes Strength and Elegance. Which is what I want to portray in my structure.

In this structure, Strength is portrayed on the mechanism, which represents something like an engine that pushes something to move. I want to show the motion of movement, which is what strength is to me, something that will not stop. Elegance is represented by the beautiful rotating wire flowers that are moved by the mechanism. I want it to be something more free moving and the rotation direction is unpredictable. That is what Elegance means to me. A free-form beauty. I added the entwined and curve elements to the design of the structure to represent the aesthetic of the bracelet, including the color gold. Below is the final structure.

Project 1: Point, Line, Plane Final


Upon receiving the brief, I was excited to start on it. Firstly, I went on to look for references of strings structure projects and I was inspired by the different existing projects. Here are one example:

image link:



Started this project with a few experimentation and play around with flow and the angle of the thread. There was a few different outcomes of planes formed by the thread line.

1st prototype

Next, I experimented with the fold of paper, by cutting a slit to form a fold on the cardboard before sewing the thread too form planes.

2nd prototype



Inspired by my 2nd prototype, I further develop my final product. Using given materials I enlarged the size of the product and do a slightly different angle for the thread planes. With orange and black thread, I wanted the contrast of the planes be visible.