Final Project 4: Sounds of Asia (Singapore)

Project title: Sounds of Asia (Singapore)

Group Members: Jannah, Zafirah & Khairunisa

Sounds of Singapore is an interactive installation that shares a part of Singapore history and identity. Singapore, being a trading port, it is known for its multiracial community. Having the 4 main culture/race in Singapore, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian, this installation is to project the different identity of each race.

Choosing the pond area of ADM, we decided to focus on the idea of boats as one of the visual representation of each culture as it is relatable to the water.


Cultural boats

Traditional Instruments

Chinese: Guzheng

Indian: Tabla

Eurasian: Balalaika

Malay: Gamelan


Visual and sound projection






Visual and sound Projections

Final work

How it works.

The moment user steps in the installation, it will activate. And a scenery of a jetty can be seen projected on the walls of the hut along with the sound of ocean. There will be bowls/ pottery of the different culture hanging in the hut. The moment users touch the bowls/pottery, a visual projection, representing the specific culture will be projected and the traditional instrumental music will be played along. (As shown in video above)