Strange Encounters

Georges Bousquet aka Casajordi-

Georges Bousquet creates his collages by first sketching out his ideas on paper and then taking them into Photoshop.  Each work he did has about 300 layers and takes around15 hours to build.


This is an interesting work that appeals to me as the idea of fish flying in the sky is totally out of the world. Not something that we can see and imagine. The fish are also wearing socks! How strange yet interesting it is. The colours used in the work are also well-balanced and the contrast and focus point of the work is the fish which is orange in colour. Overall it is one work that appeals to me visually.


Head Soup – The strange world of Anton Vill

The pencil illustrations of Estonian artist Anton Vill. The illustration reveals a strange organic universe, as fascinating as tortured. The works bring us into the imagination of the artist, halfway between dream and nightmare. 
This work really appeals to me as it reminds me of the time where I am exposed to the traditional art of rendering and sketching. The exploration of girls and doll-like elements in the work feels like it’s coming to life. It looks realistic even though it is a surreal illustration. The blending of the lines is smooth. And all of his sketches have a consistent flow and touch.