Project 1 – Emo – Process

For the first 2 weeks after the brief was given, I started on exploration and ideation for my final work. Where I tried different techniques and methods.

Week 2:

In week 2, we were given our first lesson on mark making, where we brought a few mark making tools for us to explore the various techniques. Below are my exploration process and some of the outcomes of the different mark making tools I use.

Lino card
 Hair brush roller
Shaker bottle filter
rubber bands



Week 3:

In week 3, I did some self-exploration for mark making. Trying out different textured and material of paper and technique of inking. I also challenge myself to use fire as one of the mark making tools. However, I find that it wasn’t suitable for me as I find it hard to direct. Below are the outcomes of my further exploration of emotions and how it visually looks to me-

crumpled and textured paper is used for further exploration.
Burning technique