Project 1:

My vision is blurred. I don’t know what happened. It was a big swash! And that was the last thing I remembered. Where am I? What’s wrong with me? Why are there bubbles coming out from my mouth? Where is everyone? What happened to the city…  It’s cold, but there’s no wind…there’s…water. Wait, water? Am I underwater? I’m breathing underwater!

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  1. Am I at the bottom of the ocean? or a large container? But one thing I know for sure is that I have to try and find something or someone that may help me. With the murky water blurring my vision, I moved as slow and as cautiously as I could. It felt as though I was walking through a thick layer of fog underwater. After travelling a bit of distance, the water started clearing up.

    1. I stopped.

      Bluish-grey structures slowly came into focus. The city that I had came to love, a concrete jungle usually so devoid of greenery, was covered in a mixture of algae, corals and other aquatic plants.

      Everything felt so surreal. I am breathing underwater. The city is underwater. It is even covered with aquatic plants for goodness’ sake. What happened? Was it just our city? Was the whole world underwater now? I decided to swim closer to investigate, shivering, unnerved by the silence.

      It was strange to see the city so still. Usually bustling, full of sounds, movement and colour, the city was now transformed into a ghost town: still, quiet and painted a dreary grey. Where were the inhabitants of the city? As I swam along a familiar road, one that led from the city center back to one of the seven quaint little suburbs that surrounded the city, I heard a sudden click.  The next thing I knew, I was entangled in a net, woven using a rough, unfamiliar, off-white material.

  2. “Let me go! What is this?!” I shout as I struggle to try to get out of the net. I tried swimming in all directions but the net just keeps pulling me back. And suddenly…ZAP. A strong electric current was charged on the net, electrocuting me down to my spine. I can’t even feel my body and I fell unconscious.

    When I gained my consciousness, I realised I was brought to a totally different place, no longer underwater. I was pushed along a narrow path where the walls are rocky…

    “Is this some kind of cave?” I thought to myself. I noticed as we were passing by a lab, there was so many of them lying in a bed unconscious.
    “Why are there so many people here…Are they all capture too?” I just can’t stop thinking about what is going to happen to me.
    I Finally come to a stop when we reached a room. A spacious room filled with advanced technology equipment. The room is so bright and fully lighted… Is this Heaven? And Suddenly, I was approached by a machine sound.
    ” Beep Beep. Hello there! Don’t be afraid, you’ll get all the help you need, here, in the LightRoom. Beep Beep. After today you will live a better life here at The Tunnels. You won’t remember all the trouble and problems you used to have. You will start a new life. Just relax and welcome.”
    ” Wait, where am I? The Tunnels? No.. I want to go back to where I was from. I need to find my family! Wait… NO!” a blue gel was injected on my forehead and my world goes blank.

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