Dialogue in The Dark reflection

An overwhelming feeling of fear, hesitation, distraction, discomfort, the trust placed fully on our guide. One of the main challenges is actually to take a step forward. Our minds are filled with thoughts that are overpowering. Following the trail is hard but it manages to bring us to our destination. The hard part is when there is no wall or rails for us to rely on. That’s when the fears and difficulties felt more overpowering. The daily necessities or facilities some felt like it is not catered for the blind. Our guide told us regarding the sound of the traffic light that will be switch off at a certain timing due to petty reason “too loud and noisy for the residence at night”. The safety of a human being is more important than the petty reasons sighted ppl had. Role-playing allows us to understand and experience the way and the experience the blind have to go through. Being aware of it allows us to design and cater better for the visually impaired.

The method of role-playing in research of user experience and observation creates a better understanding for us designers. Where the experience can be used to cater a design that specifically focuses on the important and necessary details of the moment experienced.   And not just design based on a survey platform or even assumption where we only tend to choose what we want to understand. Role-playing gives us a first-hand experience. Providing us with the ability to use other senses to work the design rather than just the visual aspect.

The Dialogue in the dark is a good example of the importance of role-playing in research studies. To understand, you need to experience. Some context that can use role-playing as part of the research is sports-related context, by experiencing the sports itself you will know how the athletes feel and the exact pain they go through. Sports for the disabled is one of a platform that requires awareness from the public. And also another context like observing and being part of a special community (elderly, disabled). So that we are able to put what we see, feel and hear into consideration for a design solution.

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