FOUNDATION 3D – Structure

Strength and Elegance

When I was given a choice to choose something that meaningful to me, I chose a bracelet that is given by my mum. Being a fan of wonder woman, I have always wanted to have a powerful bracelet like her. This bracelet means a lot to me and it sure is powerful, it has a deeper meaning to it besides being an accessory. To me, it symbolizes Strength and Elegance. Which is what I want to portray in my structure.

In this structure, Strength is portrayed on the mechanism, which represents something like an engine that pushes something to move. I want to show the motion of movement, which is what strength is to me, something that will not stop. Elegance is represented by the beautiful rotating wire flowers that are moved by the mechanism. I want it to be something more free moving and the rotation direction is unpredictable. That is what Elegance means to me. A free-form beauty. I added the entwined and curve elements to the design of the structure to represent the aesthetic of the bracelet, including the color gold. Below is the final structure.

Project 2- Forest Gump – Final Outcome . Research . Process

Artist reference

Upon receiving the brief, I started looking for various artist reference to get inspiration from. Below are some amazing works that I really like and really amaze me. I then start exploring for quotes to work on.

Image link:
Image link:


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Process and Final Work

After selecting the best 4 quotes, I proceed to work on each of them.


Quote 1 :

 “You let this little thing tell you what to do?” 

– Wonder Woman, 2017






That was the conversation between Diana and Steve before the quote was said. From the quote, I wanted to show how a clock is actually telling a human what to do. As said by Steve,  ” it tells time when to eat, sleep, wake up, work..”

For the first exploration, I decided to design a clock in an eye, to show a hypnotized eye. As we know, the idea of a person who is hypnotized can be ordered around. Therefore, I’m trying to portray the eye being hypnotized by a clock.

I then start to explore further. Our human brain is the one that tells us what to do and direct our body. In this design, I replaced the human brain with a clock, where it is the one controlling the human.

A step closer to the final work, I design a clock with its  “hand” showing a form of point or order and finally, I used a crowd of ‘zombie looking’ humans to show how true the fact that the clock tell us what to do and how we are controlled by time in our daily life. I then included a lady who is out of the ‘ordered’/ ‘hypnotized’ zone with a “why?” expression to represent Diana. And at the bottom, a guy who facepalm himself, represent Steve who just realized the truth of the question thrown at him.

Selected design to be silkscreen printed on tote bag


Quote 2 : 

“I am the man who can”

– Wonder Woman, 2017


I was truly inspired by this quote. It was stated during the movie when Diana was so ready to face and stop the war that is happening. Knowing that there is nothing much done by the army troop, she steps forward and fought the enemies to help the people around her. What I visualized from the quote, is to show how much more strength there is in a lady compared to a man.

The first exploration, I wanted to show a strong and brave lady that has a biceps of a few heavy working guys, to show the strength of a lot of men is equivalent to her biceps strength.

A step closer to the final work, I decided to then add the element of war to relate it more to the movie. Having a lady wearing a soldier helmet and waiting to be hit by bullets and bombs, this shows how much she is willing to face. Finally, I added a troop of army retreating from the war, while the lady in is taking the hits from the weapons but still look calm. So she is the man who can.


Quote 3 : 

“There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.”

-Kung Fu Panda, 2008

This Quote was said during a scene where ‘PO’ (kungfu panda) who finally receive a secret scroll that was thought to have a secret to being the ‘dragon warrior’. However, when the scroll was opened, there was nothing in it. Except for a reflective surface, like a mirror, so all he can see was himself. He then visits his dad, who is known for his famous soup, to tell him about the secret scroll and how disappointed he is. And when he thought his dad was going to comfort him and tell him his ‘secret ingredient’ for his famous soup, the quote was what he said. “There is no secret’s just you”

This quote I wanted to show that, he himself is the secret ingredient as stated by his dad, “it’s just you.” For the first exploration, I placed a panda in a salt/pepper bottle to show that its a panda seasoning. However, for the final work, I portray a panda throwing himself inside the soup after knowing that ‘he’ is the secret ingredient. And an opened scroll thrown under the bowl to represent the secret scroll.




Quote 4 : 

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

– Wonder Woman, 2017

This quote was said to Diana (Wonderwoman) by her general. Not knowing that she was different, she never knows how much power she has since young. Therefore, I portray her in a form of kitten, which is what she thinks she is. And her power is represented by the lion in the kitten’s roar. An inner strength she did not know. I added the headband of wonder woman and a cape to add the elements of the movie itself.



What can I improve on?

Probably I would like to explore the layout of images more instead of just playing with a centralized layout and explore more effects on the images. Currently, most of the works are layered with threshold effect and just a bit of halftone effect. I would also explore more of the usage of halftone effect.

Art Science Museum Visit

Transfigurations, 2013

This work is sculptures of babies that are modified physically. The sculptures looked real as you can see the flash and skin of the baby being modified. When I first saw the work, I knew it must be something about baby modification as I slowly observe the differences of each baby. I was horrified by the modification made. I felt sorry for them. The choice of making the sculpture as real as it can, really affect the viewer more. , However,  I didn’t know what was the reason behind the modification until I read the descriptions. Its a modification that is able to bring benefits for the baby in the future, however, it is deforming the kid permanently physically. The main question stated on the wall beside the work was ” Should parents be allowed to choose their children’s genetic traits?”. As I further read the different benefits I slowly start to see the reason behind the work.


Self-Hybridation, Entre-Deux (Self- Hybridization, In-between), 1994

This is a work of lightbox digital photography. When I first saw the work, I totally have no idea what is it about. It only reminds me of an exorcist scene in a horror film. I was curious and confused. I slowly take my time and observe the work more and then I noticed the different layers of images there is in this work. Clearly, we can see another lady behind. Why are they layered? What is the reason for this? I then proceed to read the descriptions to answer all my questions. It is a portrait of a lady who underwent a series of ‘plastic surgery’ digitally to achieve the ideal of female beauty as depicted by the male artist. A chin of Botticelli’s Venus, the nose of Jean- Leon Gerome’s psyche and many more characters that have different stories related to them. Maybe if there was a title something like “Perfect lady” / “Am I pretty already?” would help me in understanding the work first without reading the descriptions.

Project 2: Memories that stays

Memories that stays

A walk pass the memory lane of my mum’s childhood. Experience the sound and feel as she tells the story of all the unforgettable memories.


The End



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Project 1: Point, Line, Plane Final


Upon receiving the brief, I was excited to start on it. Firstly, I went on to look for references of strings structure projects and I was inspired by the different existing projects. Here are one example:

image link:



Started this project with a few experimentation and play around with flow and the angle of the thread. There was a few different outcomes of planes formed by the thread line.

1st prototype

Next, I experimented with the fold of paper, by cutting a slit to form a fold on the cardboard before sewing the thread too form planes.

2nd prototype



Inspired by my 2nd prototype, I further develop my final product. Using given materials I enlarged the size of the product and do a slightly different angle for the thread planes. With orange and black thread, I wanted the contrast of the planes be visible.