Padding + Medic Bag (SILAT)


For this project, I wanted to design a bag for martial art sports called silat. Silat is a Martial that requires padding for training.  Being on the school team, we will always organize a friendly match with the other schools. Therefore, one of the school has to go over to the other for the friendly.

Going over means, bringing of paddings(normally 3-4 paddings for warming up) and most importantly, Medic bag.  I realized, for 1 person (usually the logistic guy) has to carry most of the stuff (unless if he pass it around for the rest to help) is a bit hard to juggle, therefore, I design a bag that could easily carry 3 paddings and also a medic bag. Packing up will also be an easy task.
thick, strong canvas material


Final Mockup

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