Monoprint created by laying a string on top


The first few monoprints from my very first mono printing session!

I was very amazed by the effects created by monoprinting and how each time I print, even though it has the same setup, it comes out different everything. I guess this is the true meaning of monoprint huh.

As i move along doing many more patterns, i realised how it would help us in the assignment of generating emotion lines. The first thought that I had was to just draw on the paper showing all the different emotions. However, that method would be so “dead” and lifeless. As compared to that, monoprint has that uncertainty and the energy that comes through. As much as we planned for something, the final result might be different too.This is was i love about monoprinting.

And also, in order to create more monoprints, i went to Ummi’s house to have a mini monoprinting session (even though i said mini, it actually lasted for around 4hours) With more experience in printing, i was able to get more materials and ideas on how to approach it.

And here are the results!!!

Yes, me getting crushed by the monoprints we did

Yes, me getting crushed by the monoprints we did



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