Assignment Rhyme


Out of the 3 given rhymes, i started to explore compositions for “Mary had a little lamb” and “Humpty Dumpty”.

This is the very first composition i came out with for “mary had a little lamb”


The idea of this was to lamb chops(below) and collage it into the shape of a lamb.

lamb_chop 2t lamb-chop t


I used the values on the lamb chop to show the form of the lamb. However, after completion, it is difficult to tell that it is a lamb collage.

I had no idea how to start on this project and i went for the most obvious way to do. The start of a new project is always difficult, however once i got started, more ideas came to my mind.


After studying the notes, i noticed the brilliant use of negative space and how human brain will auto complete images even if it isn’t. I used the shared resources and i found a weird object and arches. I tried playing with it and i thought it would be interesting for me to create the illusion of a face and a wall by using this.

I like this idea and i went on exploring more variations.


Other than arches, sunflower seeds, especially when stack together, they look like bricks of the wall too. I recreate the “wall” by varying the sizes and the variety of seeds. The seeds are created by different values of threshold which allows us to see the different form of the same seed.

Some other different compostions for the wall:


a very direct interpretation of humpty dumpty sitting on a wall

this image is flat and it doesnt have much composition sense to it.

All the king’s horses and the king’s men

one concept that i was working with for this sentence was being systematic. In a army, systematic is present everywhere. I didnt want to lose the “humpty dumpty” in this sentence, hence i choose to retain the egg in this verse. A normal egg would be too boring, so i found the eggs in cups.


Inside the cup, there are tribal warriors (seen as the kings men here) lined up. I kept the systematic and symmetry through my compositions

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall


this was created as a link to the very first composition. I tried emphasizing on the fall, hence making the question mark big.

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