POV on Edgar Allan Poe


Prof Ina suggested that i may want to take a look at Edgar Allan Poe’s poem on Raven. And here is a wonderful site i have found that summarized and deciphered his poem.

Click ME <-link to the poem

There are a few parts where i found it interesting:

Symbols: The raven ->usage of a non-reasoning creature.

->ill omen

The bust of Pallas – goddess of wisdom->raven is smart -> spoke from wisdom

“midnight” & “December” -> symbolise end of something, anticipation of something new, a change to happen

Deciding to do on crows, I have researched on various visuals that were created related to birds

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.01.12 pm

And also to start of the project, i have tried to use monoprint to create some impressions of the birds.

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