Locale – Queenstown: Outcome

Back and Front Cover Page
Left: Back cover page. Right: Page 1
Page 2 & 3
Page 4 and back of back page

One of the changes I did from my previous post is that I added texture on it. As previously, it look too flat. I also did minimal edit such as the change of colours and added lines on the back front cover page.

Title of my Zine is Treasure. As this shop is one of Mdm Ker's treasure that contains memories of her husband, family and many more. And even though the shop is not doing well anymore, Mdm Ker does not want to stop running the shop.

I am pleased with the outcome although I had less than a week to do this. However, if I had more time, I would want to try on different papers. As what one of my classmate suggested that I could try using glossy paper to vibrant out the pastel colours.

And through this short period process, I am amazed at myself that I could do something similar to Malika Favre’s illustrations style. This makes me want to practice more on her style and move away from my original illustration style that focuses more on the details.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Mdm Ker, for helping me in this project and give me a new perspective in Queenstown. With your help, my zine would not come through!

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