Sequencing Image – Part 2 (Draft 1 & research)

Draft 1

For the draft 1, I did not edit the images yet, instead I wanted to focus on the storyline and sound. However, after consultation, I realise it was the wrong thing to do and I had to redo most of it.

The problems that I encounter while doing draft 1 were:

  • Sound transition – how to make it flow smooth? Solution: overlap the sound or show the setting of the place
  • What should I consider if I want to input narrations into it? Solution: hierarchy of the sounds

The comments given for draft 1:

  • Missing of genre – It can be horror as it has creatures in it or fantasy where colours can be added in
  • Comedy part feels abit awkward
  • Image has to be brighten up – some are too dark and use the principles of lighting
  • Hieracy of the sound

Suggested steps to be taken after draft 1:

  • Find reference images of fantasy or horror – the use of colours and lighting
  • Think of a genre – it will help me when adding in the sound
  • Look for films with similar genre
  • Edit the images – colours & light
  • Then Insert sound

    My notes during and after consultation
Came up with my storyboard

Research on the animals

Dog as the main character

  • Dog are closely related to humans – in terms of attitude, social & behaviour
  • Dominant
  • Leader
  • Campanion
  •  Some dogs are socialable – able to pat them although you are a stranger
  • “It’s better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.” – it’s better to be a big part of something small, than a small part of something big.
  • “Dog eat dog.” – People will do anything to be successful.
  • “Like a blind dog in a meat market.” – Out of control, frenzied, or aimless. Unable to take action in the face of many choices.

Fox as the second lead

  • hunt or sleep alone
  • Fox is most active after the sun
  • It even hunts by stalking and pouncing (a sudden spring/swooping) on its prey.
  • loyalty – they take care of their family
  • Playful, friendly and curious
  • Adaptable & Independent
  • “clever as a fox” – extremely clever, and remarkably resourceful – from hunting strategies to camouflague 

Rabbit as supporting character

  • sound navigator – in the dark
  • Sensitives and Seers
  • Hide 
  • movement – hopping in zip and zag
  • quick witted
  • Rabbits are quiet, but they let you know they’re around
  • Rabbits can make friends with your other pets – friendly

Bear as supporting character

  • Bears are highly evolved social animals with intelligence comparable to that of the great apes.
  • Bears often share friendship, resources and security.
  • Bears are not mean or malicious; they are very gentle and tolerant animals.
  • Bears can be empathetic, fearful, joyful, playful, social and even altruistic.
  • They’re all individuals and have unique personalities.
  • Bears communicate using body language, sounds and smells. 
  • A bear’s hearing ability is excellent
  • Bears see in colour and have good vision, similar to humans.

Input the research into the character’s personality 


  • Newbie in a new school
  • Shy, introvert
  • Awkward at first, but becomes more comfortable after knowing someone
  • Why she become a dog? It is the closest related to humans


  • Mysterious
  • Active after during the dark
  • Playful, friendly and curious – curious about the new girl


  • Sensitives and Seers
  • Quiet, but they let you know they’re around


  • Gentle
  • Communicate using body language, sounds and smells.

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